An investigation is underway after an unarmed Black man was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies in South Los Angeles-area which prompted an outcry from the rapper The Game to the city’s mayor to speak up and stand up for the victim.

Ryan Twyman, 24, was killed in a hail of bullets inside his vehicle on June 6 after deputies reportedly approached his car outside an apartment complex and unloaded into the vehicle, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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The Game who goes by Los Angeles Confidential on Instagram, said that Twyman was shot 37 times although there have been varying reports on his gunshot wounds. Reportedly no weapon was found on the victim, KTLA reports.

The rapper posted an impassioned social media response to the incident.

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I can remember us having a conversation about bettering Los Angeles awhile back on both sides of the ball. You were genuine & from what I could see a good human that wanted change just as much as us. Well now I’m calling on you @mayorofla Eric Garcetti……. We need answers on how Los Angeles Sheriff’s could shoot my family #RyanTwyman 37 times while unarmed & murder him in cold blood ??? I want everyone reading this to count to 37 with your eyes closed & imagine every number is a Buckley entering the body of your son, brother, father cousin, friend….. Tell me what on earth he could’ve done to deserve 37 bullets with no weapon on him ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Then I want @mayorofla to imagine himself not being here for his children this Father’s Day weekend due to being maliciously killed by the @lasdhq !!!! No one from your side has spoken a word on the matter & we will not let this slide or be swept under the rug !!!! We will not be quiet nor will anyone get a pass for this kill. There is absolutely no excuse for this & we need to hear from you soon !!!!! Today !!!! Los Angeles will not be quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!#Justice4RyanTwyman

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There are different versions floating around about the interaction with Twyman and the police. A witness has said police reported seeing a gun before shooting Twyman in his vehicle.

“The police opened the door, and said he had a gun and just started shooting. Never asked him his name — nothing. Just started shooting,” said one witness on condition of anonymity.

“One officer goes up to the door, starts firing, never identified himself as the police … still unloading on the car 30 rounds,” said another witness.

On Friday Twyman’s family and supporters gathered outside of the apartment complex where he was killed to remember him.

“I think everything is destroyed. Everything is ruined. Our plans, our life, our kids’ life,” said Twyman’s girlfriend of five years Davielle Johnson.

The family is considering filing a civil right lawsuit against police for violating Twyman, his family’s attorney Brian Dunn said.

“What we want is for this type of random killing to stop,” Dunn said.

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