Nene Leakes says she’s definitely on season 12 of RHOA despite suspension rumors

Some are saying the reality show star is cut from the upcoming season due to the violent altercation with a cameraman, but she says those rumors are not true

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes is telling people don’t believe the hype and says she’ll be back for season 12 of the show despite reports that she’s been suspended after she put some hands on a cameraman and caused a commotion on the reality show last season.

Leakes says it’s all lies.

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“I have never been suspended,” Leakes said during an interview on Atlanta’s Majic Radio Show with host Vic Jagger. “And I am on season 12, thank you very much,” she said clapping back at the rumors she’s been cut from the show.

If you missed it, last season ended with quite the dust-up when Leakes got into a physical altercation with a cameraman who was merely trying to film her cast mates entering her closet, PEOPLE reports. She grabbed him, ripped his shirt, and it was rumored that she even knocked out the man’s tooth.

From there, stories circulated that Leakes was in big trouble and was suspended from the show for the violent altercation. People have also said she was busy filming a spinoff but she denies it.

“No, that’s not true,” she says about the spinoff. “If I’ve gotten a spinoff, they haven’t told me yet, and I need them to tell me.”

“I haven’t filmed a thing,” she added. “I read that, too. If I had a spinoff, I’d be happily telling you.”

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So it’s unclear where Leakes will end up but we do know how all of confusion started.

Last season, Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss ventured into sacred territory of Leakes’ closet and that’s when took a shocking turn.

“Can I see your closet now?” Burruss asked Leakes, which she refused.

During her cutaway, Burruss explains to the audience that Leakes always talks up her closet and after years of hearing about it, she wanted to finally see it for herself.

Hampton encourages Burruss to ignore Leakes and go into the closet and she went with a very pregnant Williams right behind her. Leakes yelled at them to get out, however, when the cameras tried to follow, and a confrontation began.

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Leakes took the cameraman to task and flung him away from her closet. More reportedly happened off camera that was said to be pretty violent.

“[He] got choked up, scratched up, and went to the hospital,” Williams told Leakes about what happened to the camera during the reunion show. “He absolutely had scratches on his back and absolutely got choked up and had his head smashed against the wall. He went to the hospital!”

“His tooth got knocked out,” Burruss added. Leakes later apologized.