Nene Leakes can throw a punch, ladies reveal on RHOA Season 11 reunion episode

There had been rumors about the reality star becoming violent with crew members on the show, but fellow cast members were more than ready to spill the tea

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The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta served up some steaming hot tea on the reunion episode that aired Sunday night.

Behind the scenes, there apparently was a brawl that had Nene Leakes allegedly throwing hands, busting out a producer’s tooth, ripping a camera man’s shirt, pushing a pregnant Porsha Williams and whipping out the claws just to prevent her cohosts from seeing her closet, TooFab reports.

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All of the chaos happened in the middle of Leakes’ “Bye, Wig” themed party. Leakes invited the girls over to her home and that had to be weave and extension free, for what was supposed to be a drama-free night of sisterhood but turned out to be anything but.

Andy Cohen addressed the aftermath of what happened when Kandi Burruss dared to step into Leakes’ clothing closet to check out her fashions. That prompted a cameraman and Williams to follow suit which angered Leakes enough to jump up and tear off the camera’s man’s shirt.

But according to the cast, that wasn’t even the worst of what happened, which they said occurred off camera.

“The one thing I hated most when I watched it was all the cursing,” Leakes told Cohen.

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But Leakes didn’t seem to have any regrets about ripping the cameraman’s clothes.

“It didn’t bother me,” she said. “It didn’t. I said we were not filming in my closet, and no one was to go in my closet. That was a rule said up front.” Leakes said. She also defended herself saying she “didn’t hit him;” she just “pulled his T-shirt.”

“Well, him, but the other guy got choked up, scratched up, went to the hospital,” Williams informed Leakes.

“Did he go to the hospital?” NeNe asked as if she was surprised. “I didn’t hear nothing about that.”

“He absolutely did and absolutely had scratches on his back,” Porsha replied. “Choked up and head drug [sic] against the wall.”

Burruss also informed Leakes about the severity of the situation.

“His tooth got knocked out.”

“I heard his tooth was cracked,” Leakes responded. “but nonetheless, it didn’t give me the right to touch him,” she admitted.

Leakes appeared on the Season 11 reunion episode also with Cynthia Bailey, Eva Marcille, Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam.

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“When she pulled the camera guy by his shirt, security grabbed NeNe,” Marcille said.

“The producer that she choked up was [holding his hands up in the air], making sure that every move was on him from her,” Williams pointed out.

Burruss and Williams claimed they didn’t think Leakes was that upset about them venturing into her closet. They thought “it was a playful situation” – but it soon got serious.

“And then NeNe comes in, and she said, ‘I said get out!'” Williams explained. “And at that point, I felt a hand on my back, and my belt came off, and I went forward. So at that point, I was like, ‘Okay, you know what? She means it.’ And once I walked on out the closet, that’s when I saw the man’s shirt ripped, and then I saw her choking up the producer. And that’s exactly what happened.”