WATCH | Black Travel Diary: Why you should visit the island of Antigua

theGrio has launched 'Black Travel Diary' to show you Black travel amplified. Welcome to Antigua

In the heart of the Caribbean, Black travelers will find a travel oasis like none other. Antigua, one of the two islands which make up the country of Antigua & Barbuda, is a vacation destination with laid back vibes, 365 gorgeous beaches, historic landmarks and one of the top sailing centers in this region of the world.

In our first episode theGrio’s Deputy Editor, Natasha S. Alford, heads to Antigua, to see first-hand what makes the island so special. The episode features the beautiful Blue Waters Resort in the capital city of St. John’s. Blue Waters Resort has held the title of world travel award winner for Antigua’s leading hotel for five consecutive years and it’s easy to see why. 

With 17 acres of lush gardens, the resort has multiple villas, each complete with a kitchen, living room, dining room, a large private bathroom for every bedroom. To top it off, the villas have balconies overlooking an incredible view of the ocean water. Everything that you need is right within your villa. The resort’s staff provide exceptional service and complimentary drinks to its guests, and they’ll pick you up from your villa for transportation between buildings and the lobby. 

“When you travel to places to be a tourist, often there’s a feeling of overcrowdedness or feeling like it’s really commercial,” Alford shares. 

“But in Antigua, there are beaches where hotels are not allowed to build and you just sort of see the natural beauty of the landscape. I think that is what’s so special There’s a uniqueness and calmness and positivity that has been preserved in Antigua.”

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