Rare Prince album, ‘The Versace Experience’ gets reissued

Prince's The Versace Experience will be released this fall.

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Prince fans will get a dose of his The Versace Experience album which drops this fall.

The album is nothing new and was actually first released back in 1995 on a series of cassette tapes to people who attended the Versace display at Paris Fashion Week. But now the full release will be for the public’s consumption, coming three years after the singer’s untimely death, Canada.com reports.

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The album was supposed to be a preview of Prince’s then-new album Gold back in 1995. It reportedly includes a mash-up of remixes of Eye Hate U, Gold and P Control, and exclusive music by his band The New Power Generation.

This album along with two others, Emancipation and Chaos And Disorder will be released as well. All three albums will be available to fans on Sept. 20.

The last albums are being released as part of Prince’s 1996 contract with Warner Bros. The three rare albums will be issued on vinyl for the first time.

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The three rare ’90s Prince albums will be reissued on vinyl for the first time.

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Here are the tracklists below.


The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)

Side A

  1. Pussy Control (Club Mix) (Edit)
  2. Shhh (X-cerpt)
  3. Get Wild In The House
  4. Eye Hate U (remix)
  5. 319 (X-cerpt)
  6. Shy (X-cerpt)

Side B

  1. Billy Jack Bitch
  2. Sonny T. (X-cerpt)
  3. Rootie Kazootie (Edit)
  4. Chatounette Controle
  5. Pussy Control (Control Tempo) (Edit)
  6. Kamastutra Overture #5
  7. Free The Music
  8. Segue
  9. Gold (X-cerpt)


LP 1

  1. Jam of the Year
  2. Right Back Here In My Arms
  3. Somebody’s Somebody
  4. Get Yo Groove On
  5. Courtin’ Time
  6. Betcha By Golly Wow!

LP 2

  1. We Gets Up
  2. White Mansion
  3. Damned If Eye Do
  4. Eye Can’t Make U Love Me
  5. Mr. Happy
  6. In This Bed Eye Scream

LP 3

  1. Sex In the Summer
  2. One Kiss at a Time
  3. Soul Sanctuary
  4. Emale
  5. Curious Child
  6. Dreamin’ About U

LP 4

  1. Joint 2 Joint
  2. The Holy River
  3. Let’s Have a Baby
  4. Saviour
  5. The Plan
  6. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

LP 5

  1. Slave
  2. New World
  3. The Human Body
  4. Face Down
  5. La, La, La Means I Love You
  6. Style

LP 6

  1. Sleep Around
  2. Da, Da, Da
  3. My Computer
  4. One of Us
  5. The Love We Make
  6. Emancipation

Chaos and Disorder

Side A

  1. chaos and disorder
  2. i like it there
  3. dinner with delores
  4. the same december
  5. right the wrong

Side B

  1. zannalee
  2. i rock, therefore i am
  3. into the light
  4. i will
  5. dig u better dead
  6. had u



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The Prince Estate and @legacyrecordings, a division of @sonymusicglobal, are pleased to announce the next round of physical titles set for release as part of the ongoing and definitive Prince catalog project. ••• On September 13, 2019, three albums from the mid-1990s will be reissued on CD and vinyl: Chaos and Disorder, Emancipation, and the mixtape The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold), which will be widely released for the first time ever. ••• The Versace Experience was created to foreshadow Prince’s first album credited to his symbol, The Gold Experience, and was distributed as a cassette-only mixtape to attendees at Paris Fashion Week in June 1995. ••• Chaos and Disorder was Prince’s final studio album for Warner Bros. Records, and was released amidst a public battle between the Artist and his label. The album serves as a vivid time capsule of that tumultuous era, and proof of just how quickly he could transmit his ideas to tape. ••• The three-album, 36-track Emancipation was Prince’s first post-Warner Bros. release, and was distributed in a unique partnership between EMI and his new independent label, NPG Records. Some of the tracks on Emancipation dealt directly with his opinions about the industry, while others reflected on his tender feelings toward his new wife, Mayte Garcia. ••• These new reissues are the first time that The Versace Experience will have a wider release, and will be the first time that all three albums — The Versace Experience, Chaos and Disorder, and Emancipation — will be available on vinyl. ••• Preorder now: https://prince.lnk.to/1995-1996

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