Iggy Azalea takes shot at Wendy Williams, calling her ‘crackhead’ after ‘fake body’ rip

An apparent war of words has sprung between the Australian rapper and the daytime talk show diva. But they're using body image and addiction as weapons

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea had a few choice words for Wendy Williams, taking a dig at her drug history, after the daytime talk show host referred to the rapper’s body as “fake.”

It all started when the topic of rapper Nicki Minaj’s retirement came up on Williams’ show. The host expressed concern for Nicki’s career hiatus, while disclosing a conversation between her and her staff, who compared Nicki’s likeliness of a well-received comeback to that of Jay-Z and Azalea’s return to music.

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Shots fired

“It’ll be a new story line for her life, the problem is, will people be waiting for you?,” Wendy said in regards to Nicki’s reveal to focus on her partner and starting a family.

“[Then] somebody in our morning meeting said, ‘Well they waited for-‘ um, who is the Australian girl with the fake body? Iggy Azalea!

“I said, ‘People waited for Iggy Azalea? I don’t [remember that]. Do people wait for her?’ But also, even if they waited for her, Iggy Azalea is white. So she’s a different type of rapper because she’s white. And they said, ‘Well, Jay-Z retired and came back,’ and I said, ‘But Jay-Z’s a man! It works differently for a man,'” Wendy added.

“So we’re here waiting for you Nicki, but not for too long,” the host concluded.

Well, It didn’t take long before Azalea took to her social media to retweet a fan’s clip of the segment, while taking a dig at Wendy, according to Complex.

Williams has been very vocal about her past struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, and her most recent relapse earlier this year, led to her admission into a sober living house. It was just one piece of drama surrounding a temporary absence from her show due to illness and divorce from husband Kevin Hunter.

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