Erica Campbell: “Where does God go when you are self-pleasuring?”

The Grammy winner and openly religious mother of three expressed her reservations about masturbation and why she feels it's an ungodly act

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Grammy winning gospel singer Erica Campbell is apparently taking a stance against “self pleasuring,” an act that she believes is impure and frowned upon in the eyes of the lord.

Tuesday, during an interview on “The Breakfast Club” the vocalist who is part of the inspirational music duo Mary Mary was on hand to promote her new book More Than Pretty: Doing the Soul Work that Uncovers Your True Beauty.

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Acts of Self-Love (or not)

Campbell, a mother of three, has always been open about her deep religious convictions and used the visit as an opportunity to share her beliefs about masturbation and why the act is not one she believes Christians should take part in.

“You talked about self love, you talked about self pleasuring. And you said, ‘Where does God go when you’re self pleasuring?” prompted co-host DJ Envy.

To which she responded, “Where does He go? Somebody asked me the question, ‘Was it wrong, was it right?’ I know some churches say for the bruthas. ‘It’ll keep you from slipping up. Go ahead and handle yourself. I’ve heard some women say, ‘I take care of myself before I go out on a date.’”

“I just don’t think it’s supposed to be done by yourself,” she went on to say in the interview. “I got an amazing, fine, wonderful husband so I just don’t have to. I got a husband there. Now, I know for singles, it might be a different story but there are married people who would just rather handle it themselves. And I can’t imagine what your husband feels like. Now, I gotta compete with your toys. It’s too much.”

“I’m not judging nobody. I’m just talking about what God created,” she adds. “And it’s always the enemy’s job to pervert it, to twist it, to corrupt it, to make it filthy. He gave us free will. We can choose Him or not. There is a way that is right. There is a way that is honoring God. And the scripture says, there is a way that seems right to man. That doesn’t mean that it lines up with God wants for you.”

Looking Deeply

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More Than Pretty was released last month. Campbell is making a series of appearances in various cities to promote and discuss her book’s topics.

In an interview with ABC Radio, while promoting her book, Campbell explained that she put the book together as a result of her own experiences, and as a guide for other people.

“There’s all these things that I’ve learned and areas that I’ve grown in, but I wanted to kind of put it together to not only be kind of a collection of my thoughts but a tool for other people the soul work,” she said. “We cover so much, we move past so much. We don’t dig down and ask why.”