Tyler Perry opens up about disciplining his son for disrespecting the nanny

The movie mogul reveals it was hard for him to admonish his only son

Movie mogul and proud father Tyler Perry went on The Real and said he disciplined his 4-year-old son, Aman, for disrespecting the nanny.

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We may know Tyler Perry as an accomplished movie mogul, but the acclaimed director is also a doting dad and may have had his biggest directorial debut when he had to redirect his 4-year-old son Aman and admonish him for disrespecting the nanny.

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Perry shared the details of that teachable moment between father and son while appearing on The Real on Monday with co-hosts Loni Love, Jeannie MaiTamera Mowry, and Adrienne Bailon.

The 50-year-old, who recently made headlines for becoming the only Black man in the US with a major movie studio, dished about the beauty of being able to feed into his son’s soul, something he said no one imparted to him during his childhood.

“I will tell you this, one moment that was really hard for me. I had to discipline [Aman],” the Vice star began.

“He was really rude to the nanny and he was in the bathroom arguing with her…I get down to his level and I’m talking to him and I say ‘Listen, what are you doing? You don’t do this. This is unacceptable. You’re not going to disrespect her. You’re not going to disrespect your mom. You’re going to do what they say to do,'” Perry explained.

Perry said that as he was leaving an indelible impression on his child who was bawling, he too had to fight back tears.

“And he’s just crying and he goes ‘Yes papa, yes.’ But as he’s crying and I’m down on his level. I’m trying to hold my tears,” he added.

Tyler continued, “I get up and I leave out of the room and Gelila says ‘Are you okay?'”

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“No one talked to me like that when I was a five-year-old,” he explained. “No one had a conversation with me. No one talked to me like a person. So here I am having an opportunity to heal my ‘little boy self’ by talking to my son like a person.”

Perry shares his child with longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

This is such a touching story, but we surely know Madea would have handled the little tot a lot differently.

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