Lee Merritt critiques DA in charge of Atatiana Jefferson case

Civil Rights leader and family attorney calls Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson the "Bull Connor of our generation"

Lee Merritt
Amber Carr, center, wipes a tear as her sister, Ashley Carr, left, and attorney Lee Merritt, right, listen to their brother Adarius Carr talk about their sister, Atatiana Jefferson during a press conference at 1910 Pacific on Monday morning, October 14, 2019 in downtown Dallas. Atatiana Jefferson, a 28-year-old black woman, was shot and killed in her home by a white Fort Worth police officer during a welfare check. (Irwin Thompson/The Dallas Morning News)

Civil Rights attorney Lee Merritt blasted the Tarrant County District Attorney (DA) Sharen Wilson and called her “a racist,” who he believes can’t effectively handle the investigation involving a white Fort Worth cop who killed a Black woman, Atatiana Jefferson.

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On Tuesday Merritt criticized Wilson for what he believes are past indiscretions that serve as evidence that she’s biased against Black women.

Case in point: Wilson is the same DA who jailed a Black woman Crystal Mason for voting illegally in an election even though she was a felon and didn’t realize it was against her rights.

“We do know this district attorney,” Merritt said. “Her name is Sharen Wilson. She’s the woman responsible for sentencing a black woman to five years in prison for voting in the last election–a young woman named Crystal Mason,” he said during a Tuesday interview with SiriusXM’s Joe Madison.

Earlier this year Mason was sentenced to 10 months in prison for voting in the 2016 Presidential election, which violated the terms of her release for a felony conviction. Mason was convicted of a felony and unbeknownst to her, the past criminal record prohibited her from voting.

Even though Mason’s vote wasn’t even counted, Wilson’s office still pushed to prosecute her.

“I call Sharen Wilson the Bull Connor of our generation. She is a bad district attorney and she is a racist, quite frankly. And it concerns that this case is landing in her lap. I’m hoping that the Department of Justice will step in and prosecute this case on their own.”

Wilson has been charged with leading the case investigation.

Jefferson reportedly heard noises in her backyard. Her nephew recalled that it was so concerning for her that she grabbed her gun from out of her purse to defend herself, and “pointed it toward a window.” Former Fort Worth cop Aaron was creeping around out back and shot Jefferson through the window. She died at the scene.

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“We’re nowhere close to being concluded that this officer is even going to be formally charged with murder,” Merritt told Madison. “There’s still so much more work to do in this case.”

While Dean was charged with murder, currently his case is presented to a grand jury. There’s no assurance that he will be indicted though.

Check out more of what Merritt had to say below