Wendy Williams celebrates her new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Topping off 30 years in the industry, Hip-Hop's Queen of Radio gets honored

Radio and talk show star Wendy Williams was shining on Thursday when she was honored for her successful years in the entertainment industry.

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From the hot seat to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Wendy Williams was shining on Thursday when she was honored for her successful years in the entertainment industry.

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Williams attended a ceremony paying homage to her multi-disciplined career. She first rose in notoriety as a mouthy DJ, earning her famed by dropping dimes on the stars to being an author. Later, she re-invented herself, becoming a successful talk show maven, who’s been a TV mainstay for the last 11 years.

Williams, who has had a rocky year with health setbacks and dealing with a bed-hopping husband, now says her personal life is better than ever, ExtraTV reports.

“My personal life has been better than ever, you know, all things considered. I’ve got love. I’ve got my family. I’ve got loyal staffers at ‘Wendy,’ who aren’t just there because it’s a paycheck, like, we love each other. You know, I’ve got great bosses at FOX. What gets better than [CEO of FOX Television Stations] Jack Abernethy coming out of his office to talk about me?”

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Williams, who made her name as a controversial radio host in radio for 20 years. Williams was known for her shocking commentary, dishing dirt that sometimes earned her the ire of celebrities.

She had stints at the former KISS, Hot 97, and WBLS in New York as well as Philadelphia’s Power 99 from 1989 until she left radio in 2009.

The moment was surreal for Williams who received the 2,677th star on Hollywood Boulevard thanks to her work on her popular Emmy-nominated daytime talk show.

“I mean, you know, just the girl from Jersey, trying to make our bones, trying to figure out how to keep the mic hot without being thrown off.” She added, “You know, I’ve been having the mic for over 30 years of my career… the last 11 years, I never imagined that would happen.”

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“I’m genuinely happy about my career today and the direction that it’s going to be taking for the next few years.”

And despite the difficult year, Williams pulled up her bootstraps, and put on her best face for the occasion.

“Well, you don’t want to have a hellish year and then look horrible,” she quipped.

And Williams had some parting words about what she thinks of her own achievements:

“You showed them — and stay humble. It’s a pretty heady ride.”