Mathew Knowles says Beyoncé & Solange have given him ‘love and care’ through his battle with breast cancer

Mathew Knowles attends a screening of “I AM…World Tour” at the School of Visual Arts Theater on November 21, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Last month Mathew Knowles announced during a sit-down interview with Michael Strahan for Good Morning America that he is fighting breast cancer. Now the mastermind behind Destiny’s Child is opening up about what his relationship with his daughters has been like following his surgery for breast cancer.

Friday, the former DC3 manager appeared on Good Morning Britain and said he changed his entire lifestyle after undergoing surgery in July. And while his health in on the mend, he conceded that he’s still gripped with the fear that his disease will return.

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Anxiety aside, one bright spot is the “love and the care” that his famous children, Solange and Beyonce, have given him during this “tough time.”

“My daughters love their father, obviously and I love my daughters. So the love and the care, it’s always good to have family in tough times,” he explained. “But I’m also very cautious and doing all these things – it’s a lifestyle change. I stopped drinking, working out, loosing weight, all of those things.”

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“Also it’s a mental thing, every time you have a cold or anything you immediately think it’s cancer coming back.  So it’s a psychological thing you have to work on, so i’m working on that.”

Breast cancer is fairly rare in men, but the 66 year old insisted that “early detection” is crucial, explaining that he spotted the illness after noticing bloody discharge on his clothing.

“In my corporate career with the medical division of Xerox, I actually sold radiography for breast cancer detection for eight years,” he shared, citing how that previous career path, coupled with a long running family history of the disease, is what prompted him to get checked.

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“So who would have thought that would have actually saved my life?” he asked rhetorically. “That and early detection as well, I knew my family history as my aunt, her mother, her sister my first cousins all had died of breast cancer.”

“I’m here today telling my story,” he concluded. “And I will be traveling all over the world telling my story and living my passion.”