‘All American’ star Michael Evans Behling on tackling tough issues on and off the screen

Michael Evans Behling

Michael Evans Behling is having a moment. As a star of CW’s hit series All American, the 23-year-old actor tackles tough issues on and off the field and we sat down with him to discuss how he’s handling life in Hollywood and what makes the beloved drama so addictive.

Check out the official description of the series:

Inspired by the true life story of NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger, All American is an ensemble family drama about a young, high school football phenom (Spencer James) and the two families whose homes he shares after transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly High – his mother and brother in South Central LA and the Bakers of Beverly Hills. But as these two families and their vastly different worlds are drawn together, Spencer, the Bakers, and the James family will discover that the differences that divide us on the surface hide a deeper connection – the complicated, imperfect humanity that unites us all.
Michael Evans Behling plays Jordan Baker, son of ex NFL pro Billy Baker (played by Taye Diggs). He has a lot to live up to thanks to his famous father, but he lives a charmed life as the school’s star quarterback. Once he takes Spencer James under his wing, he starts to learn that life isn’t always easy, especially when you’re young and Black.
During our sit-down, we find out how this young talent is navigating Hollywood on his own terms and what it takes to stay in the game.
Check out our full interview above.
All American airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.