Roc-a-Fella co-founder and hip-hop legend Dame Dash took part in a deposition for a lawsuit filed against him by director Josh Webber. During the session, Dash blasted the plaintiff’s attorney, Christopher Brown.

“This doesn’t give you control, it give you no power it just makes you look stupid,” Brown said during proceedings. “I’ma ruin you as a lawyer. You will never be a lawyer again, I bet you I’ma make you famous. I’m just giving you the rope to hang yourself. You gonna be in a whole other court room in a whole other place with your frivolous lawsuits.”

TMZ released a video of the deposition, which shows the interaction between Dash and Brown.

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The lawsuit against Dash was filed after Webber and the production company at the helm of Dear Frank detailed Dash attempted to undercut the production by trying to market and sell the film with a different title. The Hip-Hop mogul is accused of sending promotional items to outlets with the name changed to The List. Dame was supposed to be in the director’s chair for the film after its initial announcement in 2016, however, he was relieved of the position after being accused of being high on set.

During the deposition, Dash would turn to his “culture vulture” phrase that he once used to criticize music executive Lyor Cohen.

“Culture vulture, you should be disgusted with yourself,” Dash said. “You’ll sell out our whole culture for a dollar.”

Earlier this week, Damon Dash was arrested for over unpaid child support. PEOPLE details Dash was arrested in New York City on Wednesday for the unpaid child support to both Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales. Dash visited a Manhattan courthouse Wednesday to pay the debts and revealed to TMZ $1 million cleared one warrant. He was arrested and taken to a Bronx courthouse to take care of the additional debt.

“We’ve been looking to arrest him since 2015,” NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito said to Page Six.

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The legal drama for Dash did not curb his partying. Page Six details after his arrest he would go on to host a party at a lounge titled the Canary Club, where he introduced a new rock band he supported.

“I brought my crew all the way from LA. I haven’t been here in six years. Twelve hours ago, I was locked up,” Dash said to the gathered crowd. “Twelve hours later, I’m here. Let’s rock the f–k out — real rock ’n’ roll s–t. Let’s go.”