Isaiah Washington Nabs Travel-Cooking Show on Fox Nation

Program will be a 'chew and chat' about hot-button issues like the upcoming presidential election

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JUNE 13: Actor Isaiah Washington attends The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 20th Anniversary Celebration of “Love Jones” at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

Actor Isaiah Washington, who formerly starred in Grey’s Anatomy, is bringing a new travel-cooking show to your television screens.

Washington will host the new cooking show, which is currently untitled, for Fox Nation, Fox News’ streaming service, according to TheWrap.

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The show format will feature Washington traveling across America to cook with celebrities and ordinary folk right inside their kitchens. As they cook and dine, Washington and his guests are expected to talk about 2020 presidential politics and other hot-button news stories.

The show came about after Washington approached Fox Nation about an “idea for a talk show,” according to TheWrap.

No premiere date has been set for the new show.

That Fox’s streaming service is running the show is interesting considering Washington has been vocal in the past in his criticism of police brutality and he has blamed police brutality on “America’s broken judicial system that is oppressing” people of color, TheWrap reported.

These aren’t exactly issues that Fox News traditionally embraces.

In 2007, Washington was ousted from Grey’s Anatomy after directing a gay slur at a castmate. He later apologized and has backed many LGBT issues since that time. For example, he helped to get Blackbird, a feature film about a boy who struggles with his sexual identity in Mississippi, made.

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He also joined several Hollywood stars in 2015 as they went up against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, supported by Vice President Mike Pence when he served as that state’s governor because Washington said the act would enable businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ patrons based on their religious beliefs. “For the religious right to circle the wagon and think they can do that, it’s absurd,” Washington told TheWrap back then.

The travel-cooking theme of Washington’s new show looks promising. We get to see new areas, meet new people and try out new recipes along the way.

And, we didn’t even know Isaiah could cook.