ASAP Rocky performs in giant prison cage during first return to Sweden

A$AP Rocky attends Rihanna’s 5th Annual Diamond Ball at Cipriani Wall Street on September 12, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

This week A$AP Rocky returned to Sweden after a year marked with legal troubles in that country, and his Swedish fans made it clear it was all love.

According to Complex, this was the Harlem rapper’s first trip back to the Scandinavian country he and members of his posse were arrested for aggravated assault.

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After he was released from Swedish jail, Rocky had announced that he had every intention of returning to perform at the prison where he was incarcerated for weeks to not only bring awareness about the issues plaguing Sweden’s immigrant community but also show support for the country’s inmates and poor population.

Tuesday, the 31-year-old made good on his promise and hit the stage at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe. Prior to the event, the he also took to Instagram to announce that anyone who lived in the “slums” could attend the comeback event for free.

“I’m in Stockholm right now. I’m throwing my concert, my first concert after being locked up out here,” he said. “Everybody from the ‘immigrant community,’ what they call the ‘immigrant community’ out here, none of y’all got to pay to come to my show today. All y’all get in for free. Whoever come, whoever from the hood, they get in free.”

The stage design featured a huge cage, a thinly veiled reference to his incarceration there earlier this year.

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One of his Instagram stories also included the message: “If you from the slums, that’s enough. Pull up, have fun, live in love.”

“I brought you here today for love and unity. That’s why I brought you here,” he told the excited crowd during his performance. “Today, there’s people who were fortunate enough to buy tickets today, and to you people, I thank you for coming. … Today there was people who couldn’t afford it, and they still made it here, and I love you people … The whole message today: Spread love and have f**kin’ fun.”

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