A CBD holiday gift guide for all the last minute shoppers

The perfect products from Black-owned businesses for friends and loved ones who need a well-deserved chill after a decade of doing the most.

The perfect CBD products from Black-owned businesses for friends and loved ones this holiday.

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Ten CBD products from Black-owned businesses for everyone on your list this holiday who need a well-deserved chill after a decade of doing the most.(Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash)

The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year. Dreams of a white Christmas aside, the season is the perfect time to join the green rush and explore unique CBD products, like this Strawberry Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Per Bottle here. There are also great products like dry herb downstems that you can consider as your holiday gift for yourself and your loved ones! So rush to your local marijuana dispensary today and see a unique selection of cbd products like kosher cbd gummies, cbd tinctures, etc.

THC may be the most talked about and controversial phytocannabinoid in the mix, but CBD is the real MVP, credited with relieving pain, reducing anxiety, clearing up acne and promoting overall wellness. Consider it this year’s in-demand ingredient, turning up in everything from tinctures to topical creams and even the sauciest of sauces.

CBD’s glow has also spread to the holiday shopping craze. If you’re still on the hunt for a gift for that special someone, check out our curated list of green goodies specifically from Black-owned businesses and stuff their stockings with a healthy dose of chill.

Here are 10 amazing CBD gifts guaranteed to land you on Santa’s nice list.

*Please remember to follow your state’s local laws, and talk to your doctor before ingesting anything.

Undefined Beauty

Indigo Rose Glow Elixir — 30ml, $42

Indigo Rose Glow Elixir (Photo courtesy of Undefined Beauty/photo credit: Annabelle Shuman Photography)

Winter’s harsh winds are no match for this multitasking skin oil infused with 16 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-filled ingredients including CBD. This silicone-free moisturizer will keep dry, flaky chapped skin at bay even on the coldest days.

Healthy Place Botanicals

Hemp Spa Lotion — 1oz, $9.97

Healthy Spa Lotion in Citrus Infused (Photo courtesy of Healthy Place Botanicals.)

This pocket or purse-sized lotion is the perfect Secret Santa gift this holiday. It’s the soothing, long-lasting and sweetly scented moisturizer that your friends and fam didn’t realize they needed until now. CBD tames winter ashiness, leaving skin soft, supple and touchable, just in time for under-the-mistletoe meetups.

Saucey Farms & Extracts

Saucey Extracts CBD Disposable — Vaporizer 0.5ml, $29.99

Rapper Jim Jones is behind this smart disposable vape. (Photo courtesy of Saucey Farms & Extracts.)

Hip-hop’s cool transformed America’s perception of cannabis. Rapper Jim Jones aims to bring that same level of pop-culture cred into the wellness space, putting his Harlem swagger behind Saucey Farms & Extracts, a California based cannabis company. This safety-tested disposable vape provides a dose of chill in every 6-second puff.

Comfy Hemp

Mint Chocolate Tincture — 250mg, $32.49

This medication is extracted from premium hemp strains and is mixed with MCT oil and other natural ingredients. (Photo courtesy of ComfyHemp.)

When it comes to using CBD to reduce pain and inflammation, tinctures offer the best bang for your bucks. They may be fast-acting, but don’t always taste great. This mint chocolate tincture bucks that trend with flavor that goes down smooth along with a CBD dosage perfect for those new to the powerful cannabinoid.

Simply Pure 

Pet Tincture — 250mg, $34.95

Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture can help your beloved furry friends reap all of the same potential benefits of CBD oil that you do. (Photo courtesy of Simply Pure.)

As founder and CEO of Colorado’s first Black-owned dispensary, Wanda James is the OG of legal cannabis. After years of success in marijuana, James expanded her groundbreaking brand into CBD products and compounded pet medication. Our choice for the holiday is a tincture designed for man’s best friends, who like humans, have endocannabinoid systems that build and maintain overall health. Use this for your pet’s digestion problems, arthritis and joint pain, and even cancer symptoms.

Blue Lotus Creations

Na’Tori Pain Ointment — .5oz, $15

Na’Tori contains essential oils and Hemp and can help relieve some of your nagging pain. (Photo courtesy of Blue Lotus Creations.)

Not every pain feels the same, and just a small amount of CBD can help with mild to moderate cuts, scrapes and aches. Na’Tori’s Pain Ointment, made with organic and all-natural ingredients, is a great go-to for spot treating tattoo scars and other nagging ailments after the holidays.


Radiance Daily Moisturizer — 1.7oz, $69

RHOA star, Eva Marcille Sterling is putting her well moisturized finger into the CBD retail space. (Photo courtesy of cEVAd.)

Actress, model and reality show royalty Eva Marcille Sterling reaches back to her beauty roots with the newly-launched cEVAd, her collection of CBD skincare and wellness products. For dewy, luminous skin all winter long, try her facial moisturizer with 170 mg broad-spectrum CBD extract and special blend of essential oils.


PIF Balance Tea — up to 30 servings per bag, $25

Organic herbal teas with Hemp-CBD flower. (Photo courtesy of Plant Inspired Future.)

Cultures across the globe have used teas to improve health, treat pain, and relax for thousands of years. Adding CBD to herbal teas amps up their effect, and this blend aims to bring balance into busy lives with peppermint, chamomile, organic hemp buds and more. Best of all, the company, founded in Harlem, NY, has decided to educate and support those communities most impacted by the drug war as its ethos.

Satan’s Breath Hot Sauce

Satan’s Breath Hot Sauce — 5oz, $15

CBD is being used in all kinds of foods including this Satan’s Breath hot sauce created by Chef Paul Booker. (Photo courtesy of Satan’s Breath Hot Sauce.)

Just because some like it hot doesn’t mean their mouths should be left scorching. This award-winning hot-sauce from Executive chef Paul Booker manages to bring the heat along with 50mg of soothing CBD for the afterburn. The blend of six fire-roasted peppers will turn heat seekers into believers.

How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry

3rd Edition — $19.99

‘“How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry,” is written by corporate to cannabis crossover Dasheeda Dawson. (Photo courtesy ofThe WeedheadTM & Co)

For enterprising friends and fam on the grind, a leg up into the legal cannabis market could be the greatest gift of all, especially for more people of color. ‘“How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry,” written by corporate to cannabis crossover Dasheeda Dawson is a roadmap, combining an industry overview with a practical approach to leveraging existing skillsets to help folks jump in without six-figure start-up capital or high-level connections. Knowledge is indeed power.

An outspoken activist for cannabis legalization rooted in social and economic justice, Imani A. Dawson is the Executive Director of the Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium and Expo (C.E.A.S.E.), a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to increase awareness and to educate communities about the medical and economic benefits of cannabis and its blossoming industry, particularly those disproportionately impacted by America’s war on drugs.