Sunday night’s third season premiere of The Masked Singer debuted on Fox and a certain entertainer dressed as a Robot caught the judges and audience by surprise when he was revealed to be Lil Wayne.

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The rapper sang the Lenny Kravitz song “Are You Gonna Go My Way” but the audience voted the performance the least liked of the night so he had to reveal his identity. Before he did, however, judges Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, joined by guest judge Jamie Foxx, were puzzled, guessing him to be Floyd Mayweather, Flavor Flav, Shaun White, Johnny Knoxville or Steve-O, according to Pitchfork.

When the mask came off, Wayne said he chose the mechanical Robot costume to score cool points with his four children.

“My kids, man, my kids,” Wayne said. “My kids watch the show with me and (I) know they’re going to like the robot costume.”

Six of the 18 new singers – known as Group A – performed in costume on Sunday, following the Super Bowl. They were introduced by host Nick Cannon as Kangaroo, White Tiger, Llama, Miss Monster, Robot and Turtle as having a collective nine Super Bowl appearances. He added that the entire 18 singers have 69 Grammy Award nominations between them, 88 gold records, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and more than 160 tattoos, according to PEOPLE magazine. The next two episodes will feature Group B and Group C, also each comprised of six singers. The audience will vote off three singers from each group, leaving a total of nine to perform for the Golden Mask Trophy.

“He just made this show so much cooler, right?” Cannon said after Wayne’s mask came off.

We’ve been seeing Kobe all over the place lately.

The Young Money rapper and executive just released his 13th album, called Funeral, on Friday. The album includes two tributes to Kobe Bryant.

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Wayne gave his fans a glimpse into the 24-track album on Instagram, where he sang, “Welcome to the funeral, closed casket as usual.” The number of songs on the album was one tribute to the fallen NBA legend; the other is a 24-second moment of silence on track No. 8, called “Bing James.”