Fight breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ T-shirt

The unidentified Black man says that he is a fan of Sanders but doesn't agree with the candidate's stance on guns since African Americans have had their rights restricted

During an appearance at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum at HBCU Benedict College, a Black student asked Sanders what advice he would offer him on encounters with police, if he was Sanders’ son. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has often been chastised for the actions of some of his problematic supporters, and to that point, over the weekend a Black man was reportedly attacked in the middle of his rally in Denver, Colorado, for wearing a “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt.

According to CBS4, during the event, two attendees were caught on video coming to blows inside the Colorado Convention Center as dismayed rally-goers watched from the sidelines.

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The incident was allegedly sparked when a Black protester was spotted in the crowd wearing the pro-gun t-shirt and subsequently confronted by a “Bernie Bro.” As they fought, the two men reportedly fell over a metal barrier and stumbled to the ground only a few feet away from the crowd.

“They grappled with each other and one man knocked the other down onto the ground after lifting him up,” said one witness. “They both landed on the ground partially under the stage Sanders was in the middle of delivering his speech from.”

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Ultimately, the two men were pulled apart from each other but the man wearing the t-shirt has since spoken out, explaining that the Sanders supporter confronted him because he believed his shirt was “racist.”

“He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing,” the man, who chose to remain anonymous, told CBS Denver. “I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, ‘What’s he know about Black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt?’”

He went on to explain that while he is generally a fan of Sanders, he disagrees on his stance on guns. He added that throughout history, “Black people and their ability to own firearms has historically been very restricted.”

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