Halle Berry says her distant relative Sarah Palin ‘ain’t invited to the cookout’

Halle Berry says her distant relative Sarah Palin "A'int Invited to the Cookout"

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Did you know that Halle Berry and Sarah Palin are related? A twitter post highlighted the connection between the once vice-presidential candidate and the Academy Award winner during a social media session, which she replied to with a joke.

“This pair shares roots that may seem like they’re from different trees, but @halleberry and former VP candidate @SarahPalinUSA are distant relatives — though the actual connection is unclear,” the tweet read, according to Page Six.

In response, Berry tweeted, “She may be on the tree but she ‘AINT invited to the cookout.” She completed the tweet with a laughing emoji.

The tweet also highlighted family ties between actress Kerry Washington and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton and Madonna, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Larry David, along with others.

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In case you haven’t caught on to the phrase “invited to the cookout” it’s a hypothetical pass to participate in some events in the Black community.

The reveal of the two coming from the same family tree happened back in 2012. While on a press run for the film Cloud Atlas, Berry told Extra she found out the two were related in “some twisted way.”

“You want to know who I’m related to? Sarah Palin!” Berry said at the time. She was being interviewed by Jerry Penacoli who shouted “No!” Berry’s response was “That’s what I said, ‘Nooo!'”

Aside from rejecting Sarah Palin to pull up to her house functions this summer, Halle Berry also celebrated International Women’s Day by releasing a workout playlist. Titled “Ultimate Warrior,” the playlist is described as “a companion to her ever-evolving workout routine.”

The “female-focused” playlist will be updated by Berry herself and “designed to empower, uplift, and unleash, celebrating the artists from who the Academy Award-winning actress draws inspiration on and off the mat. Because those who grind know it doesn’t end after the cool-down,” Apple Music suggests.

The playlist features Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Missy Elliott and more. You can check it out here.