American Airlines passenger calls Black crew member n-word and brawl breaks out

The white passenger also screamed, “my cousin is Black,” as if that absolved her of any racial bias

American Airlines
A brawl breaks out on American Airlines after a passenger calls a Black crew member the N-word (Credit: Dre Justice)

Video from a recent American Airlines flight has gone viral due to the aftermath of a female passenger referring to a Black flight crew member as the n-word.

The moment when the actual racial slur was used was not captured. Cell phone footage began just as a Black woman passenger is chastising her white female seatmate for her offensive use of the word.

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“You’re gonna sit here and call him a ‘f—–g n—-r’ while you’re sitting beside an African-American woman?” the Black passenger asked the white woman seated next to her. “You are f—–g stupid. You need to be locked the f–k up. I hope they lock your motherf—–g ass up, ’cause you a dumb ass b—h.”

The white passenger, who is slurring her words as if she is intoxicated, seemed nonplussed by the reaction. Instead, she dared the woman to “hit me if you’re trying to.” She also screamed, “my cousin is Black,” as if that absolved her of any racial bias.

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After several moments of exchanging colorful, expletive-ridden insults, the white woman used the slur once again, this time directing it at the woman who called her out. In response, she is grabbed by the neck and gets her head pushed down to the seat of her chair.

“Who’s a n—-r?!” the Black passenger yells, while still gripping the white woman’s throat. “B—h, you done lost your motherf—-g mind! You done lost your mother—-g mind!”

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“Get the f–k off me!” the white woman shouts, as the flight crew member she initially called the n-word attempts to help her by separates the two and guiding the Black woman to another area of the plane.

The clip of the viral incident was posted by Facebook user Dre Justice Sunday.