50 Cent responds to Ja Rule’s rap battle challenge

We're not sure Rule really wants that smoke

50 Cent never misses an opportunity to troll his enemies and not even the coronavirus pandemic is going to get in his way.

Over the weekend, Ja Rule – real name Jeffrey Atkins – caused a bit of a stir when he told Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz that he would like to go up against his longtime arch-nemesis 50 Cent in the ongoing Versuz series that has taken over social media.

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In the series, music giants go head to head playing their greatest hits to see who has the most impressive catalog. While Ja did his best to assure Swizz that things would remain lighthearted, at one point even promising to “behave” if the challenge is accepted, many expressed concerns that his opponent wouldn’t be able to hold up his part of the deal.

True to form, when 50 Cent caught wind of challenge, he took to social media to do what he does best: publicly troll Ja Rule.

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“who want to battle,” 50 captioned the infamous drive-by GIF of his cameo in Entourage. “and here’s a moment of silence for the still sick and suffering. LOL.”

He also took a moment to flex about his achievements in not just in music but in Hollywood by hashtagging a ton of his projects such as: #abcforlife #starz #powerbook2,3,4,5 #Fox #BMF #needattention #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #g-unitfilms #g-unitbooks #g-unitrecords

He later posted a photoshopped picture of Ja Rule dressed like a homeless man holding up a cardboard sign that reads, “I will battle 50 CENT for attention.”

The caption for this work of art was merely the word “stupid” with the hashtag #FryFestival. We’re assuming he meant Fyre Festival the ill-fated music festival that never happened that was the subject of docs on both Netflix and Hulu.

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