New Jersey man puts out fire inside Walmart, wants job in return

The shopper films himself doing his good deed and at the end can be heard saying, 'Can I get an application or something?'

A man filmed himself putting out a fire in Walmart yesterday. At the end of the video, he said, "Can I get an application or something?"

Walmart Fire
Walmart Fire and Man that put out the fire

A man in Cherry Hill, NJ filmed himself putting out a fire in Walmart yesterday.

The man, who has yet been identified, posted the video to his personal Instagram. Clad in a mask, he saw the fire and grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher. The man put the fire out with the assistance of another shopper, with laughter said, “I just saved Walmart!”

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The video has been viewed more than 7,000 times. At the end of the video, he said, “Can I get an application or something?”


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The fire occurred at an apparel station and is still under police investigation. A spokesperson for Walmart told the theGrio they are still unclear what caused the fire.

People commenting on the video tagged various news outlets as well as Walmart. The man who said in his caption, “I had to be Superman!” earned praise from hundreds of commenters. Many of them reiterated his superhero remarks, even more people stated that the man deserves a sizable reward.


“You a hero bro…super inspirational.” another comment read.

Another comment read, “I hope you get whatever blessing comes your way… you could’ve ran out that Walmart just like the workers but you risk(ed) your life to help.”

“We’re very grateful for the swift action,” said a Walmart spokesperson in speaking exclusively to theGrio. They’d like to identify the man so that, “hopefully we can say ‘thank you’ and possibly give him recognition” for his actions.

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One Twitter user encouraged the superstore to give the man a management position.

A woman was arrested in a Rhode Island Walmart yesterday after being accused of setting towels on fire on May 8. The police department of Coventry, RI thanked the public who in that blaze also were courageous enough to help extinguish the fire, averting any tragic outcome.