Black Twitter drags Amy Cooper over alleged $65K affair

The 'Central Park Karen' claimed in a lawsuit that she gave her married lover $65K for a divorce.

Amy Cooper. (Photo: Twitter)

Amy Cooper, the New York woman who called police on a Black man claiming she feared for her life, is being dragged on Twitter after details of an alleged marital affair were revealed in a New York Times article.

The article alleges that Cooper filed a lawsuit in 2015 against Martin Priest. According to the NYT, the two had an affair and Cooper lent Priest $65,000 to assist him in obtaining a divorce from his wife. The money was also to be used to help pay for another woman to have an abortion.

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Priest denied the affair with Cooper, whom he worked with at Lehman Brothers for three years. However, he did admit that he borrowed money from her. The suit was later settled out of court.

The New York Times reports that Cooper is friends with Priest’s ex-wife, Tianna, and the two women regularly vacation together. Tianna’s father, Tom Selby, told the Times that Cooper was a hero and said of his ex-son-in-law: “Amy is just another one of his victims.”

The messy details made for social media fodder.

One user wrote that the Times spilled all of Cooper’s “tea.” Another suggested that she move away and change her name.

Priest not only discounts Cooper’s claims, but stresses that she “harassed” and “stalked” him, according to the report. The man says he contacted police in Ridgewood, New Jersey, in February 2013 to report her for harassment.

“She became increasingly abusive and unstable,” Priest said. “I tried to get away from her as she became more outrageous and threatening with her demands.”

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Amy Cooper became a trending topic when in the early morning hours of May 25, when she called the police on Christian Cooper (no relation), who asked her to put her dog on a leash. The incident went viral as Cooper’s 911 call exaggerated her interaction with the man.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has come out to publicly support a law that makes it a crime to make false police reports based on race.