Indiana motorist parading Confederate flag, noose calls rope his ‘dog’s leash’

The man, identified in a video as Mr. Colton, was proud to display two symbols of hate

An Indiana motorist found joy in driving around with a Confederate flag painted on his pickup truck and a noose draped over the tailgate. (via Twitter)

This time more than ever racists have been emboldened to come out of the woodworks.

The latest showing comes from an Indiana man who decided to parade around in his pickup truck with two symbols of hate.

The man, who was referred to as Mr. Colton in a video posted online, had a Confederate flag painted on his tailgate and a noose hanging inside his truck. He decided to have them both attached to the back of it to make his position loud and clear.

Of course, not everyone was happy about it, so it was no surprise that someone left an obscene message when he returned to his vehicle.

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In a video that was recently posted to Twitter, by a user by the name of Fifty Shades of Whey, the unidentified White man shows how he handled the backlash. The scene took place in Bedford, Indiana, TMZ reports.

On the front of his windshield, he found a handwritten letter with the words “F*** You” spread across it, from what appears to be ripped out from a notebook.

He then goes around his pickup truck with an unidentified cameraman to show why someone might be compelled to write the message towards him.

The cameraman asks “What are they are hating on, Mr. Colton?”

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He replied, “I honestly don’t understand why they’re so upset,” grabbing the noose and characterizing it as his “dog’s leash.”

Clearly, he’s making a racist remark, especially when you think about what a noose represents to Black people who have been lynched as a means to uphold white supremacy in America, particularly after the institution of slavery was banned.

Near the end of the video, the cameraman suggested the noose is “just hanging” in the event the driver needs to “pull somebody out.”

“It’s not like it can be a noose or anything. That’s racist,” the camerman said, to which the owner agreed.

So far, the video has racked up more than 250,000 views on the social media platform and shared more than 300 times.

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