Viral boat proposal ends with ring box being tossed into the ocean

A now-viral video has stunned the internet, while some aren't buying its authenticity

(Photo: Twitter)

Every marriage proposal is memorable in theory, but for one couple it’s most certainly a moment they will never forget.

A now-viral video of a proposal aboard a boat has become a lesson on what not to do when tasked with handing off a presumably expensive engagement ring while in the middle of the ocean.

The video shows a man on one knee as he’s asking his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. Initially, it starts off like any other engagement video. A visibly happy and surprised woman smiles from ear to ear as her paramour pops the question.

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But as Prince Charming turns to who is presumably his friend to hand him the box with the engagement ring inside, things go terribly wrong. Instead of handing him the ring, the friend decides it’s a better idea to throw it — sending it straight into the water.

As if the video couldn’t get more dramatic, another friend immediately jumps into the water to retrieve the ring box, however, the video ends before we’re able to find out whether or not he was successful. The internet, however, assumed the worst.

The video, posted by the Twitter account @NFL_Memes, has garnered 4.1 million views and counting. Naturally, Twitter users had a lot to say about it.

One Twitter user said what we were all thinking: “Whos idea was it to throw the ring near the edge of the boat.”

“This is a brilliant way to not have to buy a ring. Just say there was one in the box that mysteriously sank to the bottom and voila! ‘Trust me, I love you babe!'” another Twitter user joked.

Another person tweeted, “That guy who jumped in the water just got promoted to Best Man if he didn’t have the job already.”

“The moment you reevaluate your life choices,” wrote Twitter user @DesmundLighten.

Many people, however, weren’t buying the video’s authenticity as many called it out as “fake.”

“This had to be planned, right. Like staged to freak her out. Not ring in the box?,” one Twitter user wondered.

“I’m betting that was a prank by his boy and that it was empty……. that was the worst toss ever,” tweeted user @DariusPlus3. “Props to his other Bro. for the quick response too.”

Real or not, we can all agree that watching the video is a bit anxiety-inducing. Here’s to hoping the couple got their happy ending.

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