Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend says she had nothing to do with alleged drug crimes

The ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor speaks out and claims she was not involved in illegal activities.

Breonna Taylor
Personal picture Breonna Taylor, (Social Media)

Breonna Taylor‘s ex-boyfriend has come forward in an attempt to clear up her alleged involvement in any criminal activity.

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Jamarcus Glover, 30, was the target of the narcotics investigation leading to the execution of the no-knock warrant that resulted in the police shooting and killing Taylor, the Courier-Journal reports. He claims that the information used to obtain the warrant was false.

“There was nothing never there or anything ever there, and at the end of the day, they went about it the wrong way and lied on that search warrant and shot that girl out there,” he said to the news outlet.

Glover was re-arrested shortly after the interview with the Courier-Journal on an existing warrant for prior drug and trafficking charges. The outlet had previously reported jail phone calls, documents, and other evidence linking Taylor to her ex-boyfriend’s alleged criminal activity.

Jemarcus Glover

The Courier-Journal says they verified phone calls including one made the day Taylor was killed, where Glover claims she had “$8K for him” and “that she had been “handling all my money.”

In his conversation with the outlet, Glover denied Taylor ever held any money. He also claims any packages sent to her apartment on his behalf were unrelated to any criminal activity.

LMPD Detective Joshua Jaynes says Glover was seen leaving the apartment in January with a “suspected USPS package in his right hand,” before driving to a house known for drug activity.

Jaynes wrote in the affidavit that he verified that Glover had been receiving packages at Taylor’s address, however, a U.S. postal inspector in Louisville, said police did not use their office to verify that information and confirmed that there were no illegal packages mailed to her home.

“Nothing ever been illegal there,” Glover said to the Courier-Journal. “Getting shoes and clothes coming through the mail is not illegal. Nothing illegal at all,” explaining how sometimes he would have personal items shipped to her apartment for fear of theft at his own residence.

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Glover shared with the news outlet that although he has previously been involved in criminal activities and selling drugs to make ends meet, he says, those behaviors are in his past.

Breonna Taylor Jemarcus Glover
Breonna Taylor is pictured in an undated photo. (Credit: Instagram/@keyanna.guifarro)

“I’m taking everything to trial, and I’m going to put everything on the line because (police) foul,” he said to the Courier-Journal. “They got every excuse of why they done what they done, but none justifies murder. You can’t justify it when (Breonna’s) innocent.”

The outlet reports multiple arrests for Glover in the past several years, including three on drug charges since Dec. 2019. He was arrested the night of the fatal shooting at a different location and claims to have questioned officers about their presence at Taylor’s residence. He says he was told “the female dead anyway,” he said.

Despite public outcry, endless protesting, and digital petitions, the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor have yet to be arrested. As theGrio previously reported, Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove have been on paid administrative leave since May 19. 

Brett Hankison, who is believed to have fired the fatal shots, was fired from the Louisville police department in June for violating unspecified rules and regulations and the department’s policy on the use of deadly force.

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