Michael Cohen says prosecutors have ‘mounting evidence’ against Trump

'It has to do with his finances, it has to do with his tax returns.'

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Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, is speaking out about the legal issues Trump could face after leaving the White House. 

“It has to do with his finances, it has to do with his tax returns, it has to do with his properties, it has to do with the personal financial statements that he had made and provided in order to obtain loans,” Cohen said on CBSN Thursday. 

A slew of investigations could shroud Trump after January when he leaves office, including congressional inquiries and probes by the Attorney General of New York and Washington, D.C. and the Manhattan district attorney, per CBS News

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Cohen claims he was questioned by investigators and that they are “well-prepared” to “move relatively quickly” with a potential case against Trump. 

“I do believe that there is a mounting amount of evidence that they will be prosecuting upon,” Cohen said. “Some of it of course is civil, and other parts of it are criminal.”

Cohen pled guilty in 2018 to financial charges and lying to Congress. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison, but is currently serving his remaining time under house arrest due to the COVID-19 pandemic, theGrio previously reported. 

“I know what it is that they’re looking for” said Cohen of the probe into Trump’s finances, claiming there is a “multitude of evidence” stacked up against the president.

“What he is right now is very, very nervous and he is very scared because in 27 days he knows that Joe Biden is going to be sworn in, and that’s when there’s going to be a plethora of litigation and subpoenas that are going to be flying around that he cannot control anymore,” Cohen explained. 

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Cohen worked as Trump’s “fixer’ for years until he started to realize that he was “being used by Trump and the administration as his scapegoat,” he said on CBSN.

Several of Trump’s associates received a presidential pardon this week, but Cohen was not on the list — and he wasn’t expecting his crimes to be forgiven by Trump following their fallout.

“I truly believe that those who were accepting Trump’s filth will have the stench of corruption following their name and their family’s names for decades to come,” he said. “It’s just another disgraceful Trump act.”

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