Mom who gave birth fighting COVID-19 names ICU nurse as godmother

The 28-year-old tested positive for coronavirus and had to undergo an emergency C-section procedure to save her infant's life.

After battling COVID-19 through pregnancy, a woman in Missouri continued her connection with hospital staff who assisted her through the process.

Good Morning America reported Monique Jones of Ferguson, MO. was admitted to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, after she tested positive for coronavirus on September 4th. Before her diagnosis was confirmed, she informed the outlet she experienced chills and shortness of breath. She was intubated at the hospital on Sept. 6. and shortly afterward, welcomed her baby girl.

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“It was possible that I wouldn’t live–that’s all I was thinking,” Jones said to the platform. “They asked me if it was possible to take my baby out. At first I told them no, but I wasn’t getting any better.”

On Sept. 23, Jones delivered Zamyrah Prewitt at 2 pounds, 5 ounces via emergency C-Section. Her intensive care unit nurse, Caitlyn Obrock, shared with GMA, the anxious feelings behind the entire ordeal.

“She was scared,” Obrock said to GMA. “I was very invested in her, hoping and praying for a good outcome.”

According to the outlet, Jones said she woke up the first week of October and was transferred to a rehabilitation facility from the ICU at the same hospital. While she attended the rehab sessions, Obrock raised $2,000 in baby gifts with the assistance of her coworkers and held a baby shower for her patient.

“It was to boost her morale,” Obrock said. “The way she started out motherhood with this baby was unfair and we wanted her to know how special and loved she is.”

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Baby Zamyrah was released from the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and is now home with father Jamez Prewitt and a 6-year-old sibling Damiea, doing well according to GMA. Nurse Obrock shared she typically does not make personal connections with her patients, however, in Jones’ case things turned out differently.

Jones has asked Obrock to serve as Zamyrah’s god parent. The nurse hopes to celebrate the occasion safely when able.

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“She’s a miracle,” the nurse said of Jones to GMA. “Her and her baby.”

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women might be at increased risk for severe illness associated with coronavirus disease. The data revealed that compared with nonpregnant women, pregnant women more frequently were admitted to an ICU with COVID-19. The information researched by the CDC highlighted the race and ethnicity of pregnant women included in the study and the rate of severe reaction to the novel coronavirus.

“Pregnant Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women appeared to be at disproportionately greater risk for ICU admission. Hispanic pregnant women of any race not only experienced a disproportionate risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection but also a higher risk for death compared with nonpregnant Hispanic women,” the study showed.

“Regardless of pregnancy status, non-Hispanic Black women experienced a disproportionate number of deaths relative to their distribution among reported cases,” the CDC found.

theGrio interviewed Black health professionals about the severity of COVID-19.

“Since the pandemic began I have watched close to 30 people die,” said ICU nurse Davon Adams to theGrio. ““As a healthcare professional you are going to see death but with COVID it’s death every day, multiple times a day.”

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