Loni Love offers to buy wig for Tessica Brown after Gorilla Glue incident

'We know as black women how hard it is, our hair is so important.'

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Comedian Loni Love has offered to gift a custom-made wig to the Louisiana woman whose hair became stuck for a month after she used Gorilla Glue as a styling product.

Tessica Brown’s saga captivated the nation after she uploaded a Tiktok video expressing the need for help removing the glue that she was unable to wash out, theGRIO reported. The response to her clip was so overwhelming (both supportive and critical comments) that Brown told Entertainment Tonight she regrets uploading her mishap to social media. 

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“We know as black women how hard it is, our hair is so important,” Love said during a segment on The Real that aired Friday. “I’m one of the few black women — me and I think Whoopi Goldberg — [who] actually wear our hair in braids or locks because traditionally it has been known to be unprofessional. But the times are changing,” she added. “So I totally have empathy for Tessica and I want to help.”

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Brown (and her scalp) can finally exhale after Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng performed a $12,000 procedure (free of charge) that removed the industrial-strength adhesive from her hair. Love said Brown may now be in need of a good wig.

“I’m offering to gift her a wig. I have a wonderful wig maker, who will make a wig of her styling,” she said.

TMZ captured Brown’s 4-hour glue removal procedure with Dr. Obeng. Footage shows her running her fingers through her hair for the first time in over a month.

“When I found out this was a reality, you can only feel compassion and sympathy for Tessica,” Obeng, director of MiKO Plastic Surgery, said to CBS LA.

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The doctor told TMZ  he was able to remove the glue using a combination of medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and a dash of acetone. That’s all it took to “dissolve the polyurethane, which is Gorilla Glue is made out of,” Dr. Obeng said.

After the surgery, a rep for Gorilla Glue said in a statement, “We are glad that Miss Brown was able to be treated and we hope that she is doing well.”

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