Atlanta anchor Jovita Moore tearfully reveals brain tumor diagnosis

Moore, an anchor for WSB-TV 2 for more than 20 years, will be recovering from today's surgery for up to 10 weeks.

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Veteran Atlanta news anchor Jovita Moore tearfully announced to watchers that she is facing surgery this morning following the discovery of brain tumors. 

Moore, 52, underwent an MRI on Monday afternoon after noticing some symptoms. She told her co-host, Justin Farmer, that she wasn’t feeling well. 

Veteran Atlanta news anchor Jovita Moore is facing surgery this morning following the discovery of brain tumors. (WSB-TV)

“I was really concerned about why all of a sudden I was forgetful, disoriented and just not feeling myself. Feeling like I was in a fog and really wanting to get out of that fog,” Moore said. 

She said that she nearly passed out after leaving a grocery store. “I was walking. I remember walking across the parking lot and feeling like I wasn’t going to make it to the door. I was almost like walking in quicksand.”

Moore’s MRI revealed two small masses on her brain. 

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“It’s significant,” she told her viewing audience. “It’s gonna be a lot. Two little tumors kind of near each other, and they got to go. We had to start then having a conversation about what that was and what that meant.”

Moore’s neurosurgeon Dr. Edjah Nduom also appeared on the news segment. He said his team is crafting a plan of action for her surgery which is scheduled for early today. 

“Quite honestly, we still don’t know yet,” Nduom said about Moore’s long-term prognosis. “I can tell you Jovita is upbeat, optimistic and feels surrounded by love. All of those things feed into someone being in a good place to recover. People who are functioning very well at a time they’re faced with this tend to do better.”

Moore has been an anchor for WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta for more than 20 years. She will be recovering for eight to 10 weeks. The station has promised to keep viewers updated on her progress and created a page for viewers to send notes of good wishes. It has garnered more than 14,000 comments.

“I know we have great viewers. I know that the prayer warriors are gonna be at work,” Moore said. “I just felt like it was something I needed to share. I didn’t want to just disappear from air for a couple of months, and I wanted people to know what was going on. Also, I want to feel that energy, that outpouring, and that support as well. I know they’re gonna bring it.”

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