Rep. Cori Bush shares violent, racist messages she’s received from white supremacists

Bush captioned the Twitter thread with a trigger warning: "White supremacists wanted me dead before I came to Congress."

Freshman Congresswoman Cori Bush took to Twitter to share just a few of the many hateful messages she’s received since being elected to the House of Representatives from Missouri in 2020. 

The activist-turned-lawmaker posted a lengthy thread on Thursday containing some of the racist comments she’s been sent.

She captioned the Twitter thread with a trigger warning, writing: “White supremacists wanted me dead before I came to Congress. And white supremacist threats on my life have only intensified as a Black woman speaking truth in the halls of power. Just know: They won’t stop us. They can’t. TW: white supremacist violence.” 

Rep. Cori Bush,
Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) speaks during a news conference to advocate for ending the Senate filibuster, outside the U.S. Capitol on April 22, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The first message began “Tone I’d down, b***h,” and ended with “the only good n***er, is a dead ni***er.” 

Another read, “Only white lives matter, you bed-wench porch monkey n***er.” 

Another threatened Bush and her family, its author writing: “Maybe you should watch your racist bitch mouth. How would you like your family fried like (bacon emoji.)” 

The lawmaker posted nearly a dozen of the messages, and her tweet has been shared almost 1,000 times. 

A supporter of the congresswoman wrote: “I don’t understand how people can read stuff like this and still argue that racism isn’t a huge problem in America.” Someone responded, “Because they say those things and don’t think it’s racist to say them. Because they are racist.” 

“The hate is unbelievable, the rage is incomprehensible,” another Bush backer opined. “Why, just why?” 

The initial post from Bush may have been in response to a tweet from conservative Franklin Graham, son of famed televangelist Billy Graham, in which he wrote: “Rep. @CoriBush advocates for the most radical items of the liberal agenda—including DEFUNDING THE POLICE—but is in the news for spending nearly $70,000 in the 2nd quarter on security. The hypocrisy never ends.” 

Bush’s sharing of just some of the threats against her may help validate her security costs. The post comes just one day after the congresswoman celebrated her 45th birthday. 

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