Boosie falsely accuses Lil Nas X of online bullying

Boosie Badazz previously said his homophobic rants aimed at the gay lyricist are “making a difference.” 

Rapper Lil Boosie says he probably wouldn’t feel too bad if Lil Nas X committed suicide. 

Boosie has been heavily criticized for sparring with Lil Nas X on social media and antagonizing the openly gay rapper over his sexuality. In October, Lil Nas X joked that he and Boosie Badazz would be collaborating on a new song. Boosie responded by telling the Grammy-winning artist to kill himself. 

“U a whole b*tch playing with a gangsta…u can keep sucking d*ck n gettin f–ed n your a** n peace,” Boosie wrote on Oct. 23.

Boosie Badazz (above) is claiming his homophobic rants primarily aimed at fellow rhymer Lil Nas X are “making a difference.” (Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)

“N #uhateyourself I would too if I was you lol.” He then told Lil Nas X, “If you #commitsuicide you would do this world a huge favor,” he added. “Nobody wants u here.”

The tweet has since been removed by Twitter, NBC News reports. Lil Nas X later stated that he was bored by the war of words with Boosie. 

Speaking to VLADTV, Boosie accused Lil Nas X of bullying him online and noted that Nas X is allowed to say ‘f*ck yo kids’ and not catch any heat over it because he’s gay. Boosie was asked if he would feel bad if Nas X actually killed himself.

Hear what he had to say in the NSFW clip below.

“I probably would, but I probably wouldn’t give too much f*cks about him,” said Boosie. “He said f*ck my kids. He said f*ck all y’all kids. So, everybody that’s really chestin’ up for Nas, he said f*ck yo kids. That’ why I be like—he said f*ck yo kids, so, it’s another thing with, you know, the bullying sh*t. It’s the bullying sh*t.”

He was referring to Lil Nas X’s September interview with the Breakfast Club, during which he was asked if he thought about toning down his provocative artistry for the sake of his young, impressionable fans. “I feel like I used to, but now it’s just, like, so? Like, f*ck your kids,” he responded

Lil Nas X then explained, “We really get one chance to do this, at least to my knowledge. I don’t know what, like, happens when we die or whatnot. So, it’s like, I’m not about to pander to your kids or you, or, like, anybody.”

Rapper Boosie Baddazz (left) and Lil Nas X,
Rapper Boosie Badazz (left) and Lil Nas X. (Photo: Getty Images)

Earlier this month, Boosie Badazz said his homophobic rants aimed at Lil Nas X are “making a difference.” 

“I was out making groceries; eight different people came up to me and told me, ‘Man, you the voice I ain’t got, bruh.’ Eight different people told me, ‘Man, don’t let nobody silence you, bruh. You all we got, bruh.’ Eight different people just told me that in three hours. Like, man, sh*t be crazy, man,” he posted on Instagram.

“About four women and four dudes, dawg, said the exact same thing,” he added. “I’m making a difference.”

He captioned the video in all caps: “I speak for people who ain’t got a platform.”

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