Black and Unlimited Live with Walmart

Sponsored by: Walmart

The Honey Pot
The Honey Pot (

Shopping is more than swiping your credit card, it is relaxing, therapeutic, and a good way to make better life choices (those are excuses you can use to go on a shopping spree, you’re welcome)

Walmart has been leading social commerce in the United States by creating first-to-market experiences for their prospective customers. They offer shoppable content via their Walmart live livestreams, featuring new products you might have an interest in.

This week Walmart is celebrating Black small business owners with exclusive shopping streams.  You will be able to shop brands like, The Honey Pot, The Fresh Dolls, JD’s Vegan Ice Cream, and Kim Kimble Hair Care.  Click here and be notified when the streams are live. 

Unlike regular shopping that includes specifications, still images, and pre-produced videos, livestreaming shopping offers more intimacy.

You get to virtually feel the fit, the sizes, models, highlights, fabric type, and firmness of the sofa. This will reduce impulsive buying and the uncertainty that comes with buying online products.

Although livestream shopping popularity in the Western world may be uncommon as most of your favorite shopping sites are yet to adopt it, Walmart is ahead of the game, and you do not want to miss out.

Also called “livestream shopping” and “livestream e-commerce,” shopping streams are a form of product exposure where a host promotes a product (which can be anything) through a livestream video. However, these streams are detailed and take another form by allowing you (the prospective buyers) to see the unedited and raw videos of the products, understand the use as the host demonstrates it, and ask questions concerning any unclear information before buying.

Yes, you can stay in your home and shop along with your favorite brand owners. You get to see new releases first-hand, save products you want, ask questions, and earn rewards if need be.

Join millions of customers all over the world and get your shopping cart filled as the new shopping livestream is about to take shopping to a whole new level.