PJ Morton enlists Stevie Wonder, Nas for new single, ‘Be Like Water’

The star-studded collaboration will be on his new album, 'Watch the Sun,' dropping on Friday.

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter PJ Morton is gearing up for the release of his new album with a star-studded new single, “Be Like Water.” The song features Stevie Wonder and Nas.

A blend of contemplative strings over soulful guitars, drum and bass, “Be Like Water,” is a call for people to stop worrying about elements they can’t control.

Following Morton’s first verse and chorus, Wonder sings in a lower-than-usual register for his verse, but brings it back to his normal tone during his ad-libs, singing,

“Obstacles seem to be everywhere
Elevators out of order, use the stairs
But don’t you ever let it make you question your path
Be that still and quiet or as loud as a crash.”

PJ Morton. Photo provided by Shore Fire Media.

Nas comes in with his signature combination of agile flows and skillful wordplay;

“Drenching you, I sit and watch everybody
Miss the view, they too concerned with the minuscule
Instead of workin’ on many skills that they have
Yeah, stay clear, stay pure
Life’s too short for you to stay mad”

“Be Like Water” marks Morton’s latest collaboration with Wonder. The iconic musician performed a harmonica solo on Morton’s 2013 single, “Only One,’ which was nominated for Best R&B Song at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Wonder also plays the harmonica at the end of “Be Like Water.”

The single is the latest from Morton’s forthcoming album, Watch The Sun, which drops on Friday. The preceding singles include “My Peace,” featuring JoJo and Mr. Talkbox, and “Please Don’t Walk Away.” This will be Morton’s fifth self-produced release on his own label, Morton Records.

Coinciding with the release of Watch The Sun, the Maroon 5 keyboardist will embark on a live solo tour where he will perform in over 35 cities. This includes bookending stops in his native New Orleans, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, and New York City at the Apollo Theater.

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