Disney+ drops ‘America the Beautiful’ trailer starring Michael B. Jordan

The series, which comes from the producers of "Planet Earth," dives into the nation's rich landscapes and their animal inhabitants.

Disney+ has dropped the trailer for America the Beautiful, an original series from the producers of Planet Earth included in the streamer’s Independence Day offerings, featuring narration by Black Panther and Creed films star Michael B. Jordan.

America the Beautiful consists of six episodes that will take viewers on a memorable journey across the United States, showcasing the diversity of our nation’s unique animals while highlighting its gorgeous landscapes. “The goal is to inspire audiences to conserve the precious habitats and inhabitants found in our own backyards,” according to its press release.

Michael B. Jordan attends the world premiere of “A Journal For Jordan” at AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City in December 2021. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

The series will be helmed by Wildstar Films’ acclaimed Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield of Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, and makes history as the first natural history series to film with cinema-grade cameras on fighter jets. By using the fighter jets, the series is able to not only capture the lush textures of America, but also how the different landscapes blend into each other. It also provided access to filming during wild weather like tornadoes and supercells.

Accompanying the breathtaking footage and Jordan’s narration is music composed by Joseph Trapanese. Joe Rainey Sr., Native drum maker and singer Dylan Jennings, Black bluesman Leonard “Lowdown” Brown are among those who make contributions with memorable musical performances.

America The Beautiful premieres Monday, July 4. Check out the episode titles and their detailed descriptions below, courtesy of Disney:

Land of Heroes 

Never-before-seen stories of heroic animals — endearing, majestic and downright bizarre — play out against a breathtaking backdrop of America’s most iconic landscapes. Aerial cameras take viewers on a thrilling journey from the ice caps to the desert, from sea to shining sea. From grizzlies hunting caribou in the Alaskan mountains to prairie dogs battling a tornado, find out what it takes to be an American hero.


The wetlands of the southeastern USA are a magical world where the boundary between land and water is blurred. Black bears must carry their tiny cubs through gator-infested swamps while dolphins hurl themselves onto land to hunt. Here, Florida panthers have fought their way back from extinction, with a little help from humans, while tiny mice work to protect our shoreline from deadly hurricanes.


The north of America is a world of rugged mountains, including Denali, the highest peak on the continent, and sweeping Arctic tundra. Up here, the wild heroes, from grizzly bears to musk oxen to beavers to bald eagles, must battle through the continent’s most brutal winter, lit only by the ethereal beauty of the northern lights. For those who can make it, a spectacular summer of plenty awaits.

Wild West

The southwestern USA, the setting for some of the most famous desert landscapes on our planet, is a world of animal heroes who can overcome anything that’s thrown at them, from the baking desert to the mighty Pacific Ocean. Mountain lions patrol the Grand Canyon looking for mates, gray whales tackle the longest mammal migration on Earth, and hummingbird supermoms raise chicks in the blistering heat.


The heart of America experiences the biggest temperature swings and the wildest storms on the planet. Life here has to endure four seasons in a day — sometimes in an hour! A cast of all-American heroes, from bison to wolves, burrowing owls to bobcats, uses courage, strength and cunning to overcome the elements and make a living in this wild and beautiful land.

Brave New World

Across North America, a growing band of wildlife heroes is fighting to preserve our most iconic animals and wildest places. Whether the battle is to rewild the northern prairies, save our rarest big cat or restore an underwater forest, these champions are everyday people of all ages and from all walks of life, sharing one thing in common: They care enough to make a difference.

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