Texas parents file suit claiming school district ignored alleged abuse of two Black students 

The lawsuit states that on several occasions school officials did nothing about the attacks against the little boy and girl.

A lawsuit filed against the Clear Creek Independent School District in Texas claims that elementary school officials ignored claims of bullying and abuse of its only two Black children.

“The school turned a blind eye to harassment and physical attacks of these children to the point that their inaction is a violation of the law,” the lawsuit referring to North Pointe Elementary School states, according to The Houston Chronicle. “Moreover, the school[’]s failure created a hostile environment.”    

North Pointe Elementary School officials “turned a blind eye to harassment” of two pupils, a lawsuit claims. (Photo from Google Maps Street View)

Chanda and Tatiawana Jackson are the parents who claim that their children were repeatedly attacked and bullied by other students and that officials at the Clear Lake City school in suburban Houston ignored the situation. 

The lawsuit claims that other students tripped, punched in the eye and choked the male child, who is identified as John Doe. The parents allege that they were not told about the incidents. The suit also states that a teacher “punished John Doe for going to the rest room,” then began “targeting” him by forbidding him to do so, resulting in his wetting his pants during and after school. Conversely, other white students were permitted to use the restroom when necessary.

The female child — Jane Doe — was also bullied, the lawsuit states. Another student slapped her, which led to a loss of hearing in one ear. Though a teacher witnessed this incident, the teacher took no action and the parents were not notified. Another student bit Jane Doe on the hand, causing her to need stitches. In yet another incident, a persistent bully “stepped on Jane Doe’s fingers and elbowed her arms.” Immediately after this happened, the suit states, Jane Doe looked to the teacher for help. The teacher did not address the incident but would complain of Jane Doe’s behavior in progress reports.

As of press time, the Chronicle reported, Clear Creek ISD had not received the lawsuit but issued a statement.

“We believe each child, regardless of race or gender, deserves to learn in a physically safe and nurturing environment,” spokesperson Elaina Polsen wrote via email. “In the event there is an allegation of mistreatment by a CCISD educator, it is investigated, and appropriate discipline is taken if allegations are found to be true,[.]” 

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