Family demands answers in slain lawmaker’s death

Witnesses allege an unknown assailant approached New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour on foot and shot her several times while she was leaving her townhouse after dropping someone off.

The family of a New Jersey councilwoman is finally speaking out following her death last month, demanding explanations for what happened to their loved one — and subsequent justice.

Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was shot several times in her SUV outside her house on Feb. 1. ABC News reported that she was declared dead at the scene.

Witnesses allege that an unknown assailant approached the Sayreville councilwoman on foot while she was leaving her townhouse after dropping someone off. There doesn’t seem to have been any conversation between the two.

New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour killed
Prince Dwumfour and his wife, Mary, parents of Eunice Dwumfour, are shown during their daughter’s March 4 funeral service at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. Eunice Dwumfour, a Sayreville councilwoman, was fatally shot outside her home on Feb. 1 and her family is demanding answers. (Photo: Chris Pedota, TODAY NETWORK)

Eyewitnesses reportedly claimed to have heard more than 10 shots fired.

“Our daughter’s death has cost a lot in our life,” said Dwumfour’s father, Prince Dwumfour, during a press conference Wednesday, ABC reported.

Joining Dwumfour’s mother and father were their son-in-law, Peter Akwue, attorney John Wisniewski and the family’s minister, Karl Badu.

Although her death occurred over a month ago, Prince and Mary Dwumfour, the borough leader’s parents, informed reporters that police had not given them information about the investigation. Little details on Dwumfour’s murder have been made public, and authorities reportedly have not made any arrests.

“We are not happy about that,” said Prince Dwumfour, ABC reported, “we need justice.”

Wisniewski told the gathered media that the Dwumfours do not know who would want their loved one dead or their motivation for killing her.

The victim’s parents said they waited so long to share their feelings publicly because they were still grieving the loss of their daughter, a church leader and mother to a 12-year-old girl.

“I believe the authorities should do something quickly,” said Akwue, who wed Eunice Dwumfour in November after the two met in Nigeria in 2019, ABC reported. “It’s painful.”

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