Black women redefine the landscape of hip-hop | Women’s History Month

Hip-hop artists Wande and Porsha Love sit with artist manager Erinn Knight to discuss the state of women in the highly male-dominated genre of hip-hop.

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In the 60s, before our art form was called hip-hop, women were the leaders of the culture as emcee’s and producers. Going back to the icons of the 70s and 80s, fast-forwarding to 90s with a variety of female show-stoppers of today, these trailblazing artists have empowered all women and destroyed the roadblocks for their counterparts.

During the 1980s, rap music became a household theme that changed the culture forever. During this time, women worked twice as hard for recognition in a male-eccentric business. Despite the roadblocks in front of them, pioneering female rappers created their network and produced memorable artistry that continues to impact hip-hop today.