Whoopi tried virtual reality, doesn’t think much of the ‘spooky’ experience

The Hollywood icon shared her hilarious experience with an Oculus device.

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Whoopi Goldberg is unlikely to jump on the virtual reality trend since she isn’t impressed with the technology.

“The View” co-host shared her opinion about VR headsets on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show. Goldberg said she had a “spooky” experience when she used an Oculus device, People reports. 

Whoopi tried virtual reality, doesn't think much of the "spooky" experience
This image released by ABC shows co-host Whoopi Goldberg on the set of the daytime talk series “The View.” (Photo by Jenny Anderson/ABC via AP)

“I put it on and I was under the ocean, because I love all the ocean stuff, and something came swimming by and I forgot that I had these things on, and I got up so fast that I fell over,” Goldberg shared.

The veteran actress noted that users should “give yourself a little bit of space” when using virtual technology for entertainment. 

“But then if something scares you…you have to be careful with this stuff because you can really hurt yourself,” she added. 

Her co-host Joy Behar said VR headsets are only good for porn. 

“Have you ever worn augmented reality? It’s way too close, believe me,” Goldberg replied, People reports. 

Goldberg’s remarks come a day after Apple unveiled its VR headset Apple Vision Pro, priced at $3,499 and launching next year, People reports. The device is suitable for both entertainment and business purposes.

“I would not pay $4,000 for that thing,” said Behar, to which Goldberg replied, “Well, you might.”

According to The Verge, Apple Vision Pro requires interaction with the eyes, hands, and voice. A dial lets users switch between virtual reality and augmented reality. An operating system called visionOS allows users to browse rows of app icons.

“In the same way that Mac introduced us to personal computing, and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro will introduce us to spatial computing,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s WWDC developer conference, CNET reports.  

Apple’s hotly anticipated VR headset supports Bluetooth accessories, including Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, and lets users access their Mac inside the device, according to The Verge. There are five sensors on the headset, 12 cameras, and a 4K display for each eye, as well as a built-in computer reportedly cooled by a fan.

“This marks the beginning of a journey that will bring a new dimension to powerful personal technology,” said Cook, CNET reports.

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