Watch: Grio Top 3 | Who are the top 3 most iconic reality TV stars?

These larger-than-life characters have our eyes glued to the TV screen! We're talking about the most memorable stars in reality TV.

Since shows like “The Real World,” reality television has become a dominant force in pop culture. Bringing us timeless moments, catchphrases, and of course, characters. While there are probably thousands of former reality show cast members in the world, there are only a few who will forever be ingrained in our memories. Listen in as Chelsea LeMore-Monroe and Alexandria Ikomoni name the most iconic reality TV stars to date.


Ikomoni: Who are the top three most iconic Black reality TV stars? 

Ikomoni: I love me some reality TV.

LeMore-Monroe: Me too!

Ikomoni: I’m a huge fan of the “Real Housewives” franchise.

LeMore-Monroe: Likewise.

Ikomoni: I’m going to start off with the Nene Leakes. Linnethia. Ma’am!

Ikomoni: Her reads. Her drags. She was funny. I need her back on the show.

LeMore-Monroe: Absolutely. 

Ikomoni: I know it probably won’t happen. 

LeMore-Monroe: You can’t mention reality TV without mentioning her. 

Ikomoni: I said what I said until this day. 

LeMore-Monroe: Whew, chile. The ghetto.

Ikomoni: I want the refrigerator, hunny.

Ikomoni: OK. The icon. New York.

LeMore-Monroe: Yes. 

Ikomoni: I love New York. Tiffany. Tiffany Pollard. She was an icon. We have to give her flowers. She was an iconic one. 

Ikomoni: And then a more newer person. But I love, love, love her. Candiace Dillard Bassett.

Ikomoni: I’ve always loved Candiace. Get on board. I’m happy you’re here. Her reads, her drags were hilarious. And she has really made a name for herself. She’s doing music, too. Yeah. I’m proud of her. 

LeMore-Monroe: That’s a good list. I can’t debate your list, so I’m just going to add to it.

LeMore-Monroe: OK, so No. 1, I’m going to stay in Potomac right now. I love the Grand Dame, Karen Huger.

LeMore-Monroe: She’s fun. She’s classy. She’s from where I’m from. So I kind of get Karen. I love the Grand Dame. 

Ikomoni: She’s great. 

LeMore-Monroe: I’m a Grand Dame. I’m one of the Dames. Hard core. 

LeMore-Monroe: Second, Phaedra Parks.

LeMore-Monroe: Oh, my gosh, I miss Phaedra on “Real Housewives.” She has her moments. She’s funny. She’s cheeky. But also Phaedra has this, like, small level of delusion that is necessary for reality TV.

LeMore-Monroe: And then lastly, I’m going to slide my girl Cardi B in there.

Ikomoni: Yes, Cardi.

LeMore-Monroe: I love what Cardi kind of got in and got out at the right time. She kind of. Right now I’m thinking about Candiace, like you mentioned, and how she’s in her music space and just knowing when to leave at the right time while you’re hot.

LeMore-Monroe: Her timing was impeccable.

Ikomoni: She made a name for herself. 

LeMore-Monroe: Absolutely. I honestly sometimes forget that she was on reality TV because she was a reality show on Instagram before she was ever on a show.

LeMore-Monroe: Because she is a personality. I love Cardi.

Ikomoni: She’s a whole character.

LeMore-Monroe: A whole character.

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