Watch: Eboni K. Williams on Juneteenth and Black liberation

Eboni K. Williams tackles what Juneteenth really means to Black folks and how it's helped liberate us in America.

Eboni K. Williams tackles the ongoing liberation of Black folks in America. The history of the United States and Black people is marked by deep wounds and scars. Among those in the past and present who suffered the most were the Black community. Our ancestors endured the horrors of slavery for centuries. But within the depths of their struggle, a day of liberation has emerged for Black people, and it is known as Juneteenth. Williams strives to continue that liberation into the future. She explains how we should celebrate Juneteenth below:

“The following is a transcript of that conversation.”

Williams: [00:00:01] …I like to celebrate Juneteenth by making it really an Independence Day for myself and those in my culture as black Americans. Right? One of my favorite things to do on the 4th of July is to read Frederick Douglass is what is the 4th of July for a slave. And so Juneteenth is really the opposite…And I like to celebrate it by telling those stories of being with other black folks that really appreciate the liberation of blackness. [00:00:39][37.6]

Williams: [00:00:39]…I am with my amazing sorority sisters, with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, wearing pink and green in some type of African diaspora print, which is really cool. [00:00:39][0.0]

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