Watch: Coco Jones slays at CultureCon LA

CultureCon is the leading destination for creatives and young professionals of color in various fields, including art, music, fashion, and film.

Coco Jones is high off her Peacock series “Bel-Air” and the release of her new single. CultureCon is where you find and share similar experiences with people who look like you! Any attendee will find a deep sense of belonging as you see the power of forging connections with fellow Black creators. Jones discusses her new single and what’s next on her plate.

The following is a transcript of that conversation.

James L. Gilmore: [00:00:45] All right, everyone. Here we are at CultureCon with Coco Jones. How are we doing today? [00:00:50][5.4]

Coco Jones: [00:00:50] I’m good. I’m blessed. [00:00:51][0.3]

Gilmore: [00:00:51] Yeah. Is this your first time at CultureCon? [00:00:53][1.7]

Jones: [00:00:53] Yes. Oh, this is. Yeah. [00:00:55][1.4]

Gilmore: [00:01:15] Let’s talk about how you uplift Black people through your music and everything. [00:01:19][4.3]

Jones: [00:01:20] So I think for me, I think I try to uplift heavily Black women because I feel like we all have gone through times where we didn’t see ourselves as the most beautiful or the most worthy of great things. And I try to be very vocal even in my song lyrics that we are deserving of great things, just like all the other girls. If not us, then all right. [00:01:38][17.9]

Gilmore: [00:01:38] So, I only got another question for you. So listen, in your music, you got to give me your top three, four or five artists that made you like, hey, I want to get into singing. I want to, you know, uplift through my voice. Who’s your top three people that influenced you? [00:01:52][13.7]

Jones: [00:01:53] Three people that influenced me: definitely Beyoncé, um, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston. [00:01:58][5.5]

Gilmore: [00:02:00] Strong list. This is a great area with Coco Jones. Thank you. [00:02:03][3.1]

Jones: [00:02:03] You’re welcome. Thank you. [00:02:03][0.0]

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