Alan Moore asks DC Comics to reroute royalty checks to Black Lives Matter

The writer of "V For Vendetta" and "Watchmen" told DC to send his royalties to Black Lives Matter because the film versions of his work no longer reflect the "original principles."

Famed comic book writer Alan Moore has informed DC Comics that he wants his royalty checks sent to Black Lives Matter instead of him. The royalties came from television and film adaptions of his work.

Moore is best known for writing some of DC’s most beloved comics and graphic novels, including “Batman: The Killing Joke,” “Watchmen,” and “V For Vendetta,” according to Variety. During an interview with The Telegraph, he addressed reports that he planned to divide his royalties with other creatives and writers involved with the films and series. He stated that he wouldn’t do so after noticing a moralistic change in the movies and series.

“I don’t really feel, with the recent films, that they have stood by what I assumed were their original principles,” Moore told The Telegraph. “So, I asked for DC Comics to send all of the money from any future TV series or films to Black Lives Matter.”

Black Lives Matter Flag,
In this Dec. 12, 2020, file photo, MD Crawford carries a Black Lives Matter flag before a march in La Marque, Texas to protest the shooting of Joshua Feast, 22, by a La Marque police officer. Alan Moore, famed comic writer of “Watchmen” and others, recently told DC to send his royalty checks from film adaptations to Black Lives Matter. (Photo by Stuart Villanueva /The Galveston County Daily News via AP, File)

Moore said much of his work, as well as comics made by others from the past, was initially written and intended for a young audience and that many of the film and television adaptations have repurposed them today for adults.

“These innocent and inventive and imaginative superhero characters from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s are being recycled to a modern audience as if they were adult fare,” Moore continued. In the past, he has been vocal about his displeasure with his work being reimagined for adults. He discussed it in a 2022 interview with The Guardian, saying that after he wrote “Watchmen” in the 1980s, the media shifted the focus away from the children’s audience.

“There were an awful lot of headlines saying ‘Comics Have Grown Up,'” Moore told The Guardian. “I tend to think that, no, comics hadn’t grown up. There were a few titles that were more adult than people were used to…I will always love and adore the comics medium, but the comics industry and all of the stuff attached to it just became unbearable.”

Moore, who lives in Northampton, England, says he leads a quiet life and does not need the royalty money.

In 2005, DC adapted “V For Vendetta” into a film starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, grossing over $134 million at worldwide box offices. A film version of “Watchmen” dropped in 2009, and a 2019 limited series adaptation on HBO won 11 Emmy Awards.

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