Watch: A new bill allows a lawsuit for calling someone racist

Attorney Melba V. Pearson discussed how this anti-defamation bill filed by Republican Florida state Sen. Jason Brodeur would impact Blacks there.

It seems as though an outlandish headline comes out of the Sunshine State every other day.

Now, a new bill in the Florida Senate would allow someone to be able to file litigation in which the terms state “an allegation that the plaintiff has discriminated against another person or group because of their race, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity constitutes defamation per se.” This violation of the First Amendment — in which the defendant faces fines at least $35,000 — could open the door for even worse to come.

Attorney Melba V. Pearson stopped by “theGrio with Eboni K. Williams” to discuss what this anti-defamation bill filed by Republican state Sen. Jason Brodeur would mean for Black and Brown people living in that state.

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