Watch: Anne Lowe was fashion’s best kept secret

TheGrio commemorates one of fashion’s most influential and under-appreciated, the innovative and decadent designer, Lowe in the latest edition of 'Keeping Black History Alive.'

Born in Clayton, Alabama in 1898 Anne Lowe inherited a passion for dressmaking from her mother and formerly enslaved grandmother, Georgia Thompkins. 

After her mother’s passing, Lowe took over her mother’s unfinished assignments and the family business of dressmaking. She later moved to Florida to work for elite clientele before attending the Taylor School of Design in New York to hone her skills– there she sat in segregated classrooms.

In 1950, Lowe opened her own stand-alone business, “Anne Lowe’s Gowns” before designing Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress in 1953. High society pages applauded the dress but failed to mention the designer with Lowe later being dubbed “Society’s Best Kept Secret”.

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