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Ellen Chamberlain has written for broadcast, print, and digital publications across the country. The metro Detroit native began her career in hip hop radio and focuses her work on Black culture, lifestyle, and music. She even presented a TEDx talk dedicated to hip hop. Ellen enjoys reading, bougie travel, and entirely too much television. She earned her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Wayne State University.

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Lincolnshire Hemp Farm Taps Into Growing CBD Oil Market
December 20, 2021
Cannabis has been a significant staple in Black culture for generations. Its decriminalization has allowed many Black entrepreneurs to legitimately
OUI the People/Instagram
December 15, 2021
Unhealthy and unrealistic health and beauty standards are forced on consumers from every angle. Television, social media, advertisements at transportation
December 9, 2021
Whether Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah (yes, Black folks are Jewish, too), or other celebrations fill your home this season, holiday time
December 6, 2021
Zoom calls may only require women to be presentable from the waist up, but a beat face can help you
Sip & Sonder
December 3, 2021
Inglewood has been part of The Culture’s global consciousness for decades. Generation X fell in love with Southern California thacnks
December 2, 2021
In an age when digital media is the go-to for communication, the art and elegance of paper products and stationery
Vela Negra Candles thegrio.com
December 1, 2021
Sometimes the relaxation and escape you need is just a spark away. Wholistic experts and physicians alike agree that burning
November 30, 2021
Hip-hop is the ultimate global influencer. Our music is the soundtrack to television and movies from Hollywood and Berlin, to
Demetrius Harmon You Matter
November 24, 2021
Five ambitious, forward-thinking people can count themselves as You Matter University alumni, thanks to founder Demetrius Harmon and his latest