Get brave and get paid: How to negotiate a raise in 2023 

Waiting for your manager to realize you deserve a raise? Take the initiative to negotiate getting paid what you deserve now.

We should have learned the art of negotiation in school. The same class that taught us budgeting and investing should have had a whole unit on negotiating our salaries. But since most of us didn’t have that lesson, we’re left to trust our gut, wait on a small percentage raise, or end up being stuck with the same salary for too long. 

Career Transformation Strategist and Coach Isimemen “Isi” Aladejobi is working to change that. 

“A lot of people just let their career happen to them, and they think their managers are just gonna magically let them know, “Today you deserve a raise.” Here’s the thing: It’s not that they have it out for you. They, too, have people they’re managing; they are managing up, they have kids, and they have a million things going on. So if you don’t take control of your career, you cannot count on someone else to do it,” said Aladejobi. 

Isi says you should actually start thinking about your raise right when you land the job and start your role. Consistent communication and check-ins are critical to your direct manager seeing your growth up close, and that relationship should be established from the jump. 

“A month should not go by when you are not speaking to your manager. Your manager is not aware of the wins that you’ve had, and it’s the wins and it’s the receipts that are going stand for you when it’s time to make more money. So that’s the beginning. Having regular meetings with your manager,” said Aladejobi. 

If you haven’t built rapport and a regular meeting schedule with your manager and you know you’re past due for a raise, you’ll need to approach the conversation a little differently. Instead of showcasing your work monthly or biweekly and then going in for the ask, you’ll need to mount your argument and gather your receipts. 

“You need to kind of go in and speak to your manager about why it’s time for you to have a raise. So what can that look like? That looks like you gathering evidence of your impact. A lot of times, the women we work with in our program, they’re like, “Yeah, I did 10 million in sales for the company, but it’s not that big a deal.” We get so comfortable with our wins that we don’t recognize we’re winning.

“So sit back, think about the project you’ve been on, and start to write down the role you played and the work you’ve done, and bring those receipts to the conversation. Let your manager know you’d love to get some time on their calendar to talk about your growth and your career projection at the company,” said Aladejobi. 

If you’re thinking about leaving the company one day, don’t let that stop you from getting paid what you deserve now. Oftentimes, people don’t bring up the raise conversation because they aren’t happy anyway; what’s more money going to do? 

Isi says, let them pay you.

“Go ask for more money. Don’t feel bad. Like, ‘Oh, I’m not super happy here.’ No, get every single coin you can, but don’t let the coin dictate your life. Get the money, but then spend the time still reflecting, ‘Do I need to go?’ ” said Aladejobi. 

You’re probably past due. Don’t delay the opportunity to make more money to care for your family, cushion your savings or save for a big purchase because you are daydreaming about a new role. Get what you’ve earned. It will make your reflection time a little sweeter. 

To hear the full conversation with Isi Aladejobi, watch this week’s episode of “The Reset,” above.

Letisha Bereola

Letisha Bereola is a life coach who helps ambitious women overcome burnout and reach their career goals, so they feel great at work and happy at home. She’s a former Emmy-nominated TV news anchor, podcast host of AUDACITY, and a speaker. Learn more at

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