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A Winning Team…Byron Allen’s Court Show Block!!   

Episode 27

As a new season approaches, Kevin “Boss” Ross discusses his feeling about the other television judges and court shows on the air, and what it’s like to be in competition with them.


You are now listening to TheGrios black podcast network, black culture amplified. Hi, I’m Kevin Ross. And this is The Podcast. How Can I Possibly Compete With All These Other Damn Court Shows

Starting Monday, September the 11th, there’s going to be something like 15 TV shows on the air featuring judges like me swinging a gavel.

And I got news for you, I’m not a phenomena like Judge Judy. I don’t have all the Emmy wins that Judge Marilyn Milian has, I can’t keep it real quite like Judge Mathis, you want a great looking bench officer? You’re gonna love Judge Ebony Williams. Is sass your thing? Judge Mablean, Judge Karen both serve that up quite well.

Judge Hatchett is the nurturer. Judge Lauren Lake, come on. She adjudicates, designs, sings and can TikTok with the best of them.

And Judge Christina man at one point, she was named one of the most trustworthy and influential syndicated hosts on television. So when I say the competition is fierce, I’m not playing and that’s a good thing.

Competition is this primitive function of human nature, right? It, it’s what drives us to push our limits, achieve goals reach new heights. It gives us a sense of where we are in the pecking order with other earthly beings. Here’s where it gets dicey

in the relentless pursuit of excellence vis-à-vis competition. Sometimes hear me out, it’s difficult to recognize that the only person any of us should ever be in competition with is guess who ourselves.

If I’m seeking out personal growth while also wanting to lead a fulfilled and content life, I can’t base what I do on something else, someone else.

It’s about self-improvement, outdoing my previous achievements, setting a standard of excellence for me, that’s always trending upwards.

Athletes all understand that maximizing peak performance results from self competition. A weightlifter, for example, is constantly striving to beat their own personal record. Swimmers, runners, same thing, right? Besides comparing oneself to others, just leaves you mentally exhausted. Talk about unhealthy. Next thing you know, you’re stressed from being jealous, envious, insecure, resentful, all of that.

But check it out when the only benchmark is you, the journey becomes more about personal satisfaction, less about external validation from others. See, now we’re on that resiliency tip

setbacks or failures become challenges, opportunities for growth. Learning through adversity, oh my God. It’s such a key factor in achieving long term success. Perseverance is solely designed for each of us to emerge stronger, better than we were before.

Competition from within foster’s authenticity, whenever I’m surpassing my own limits, say at the gym, I I feel like my values, my aspirations are literally crystallizing right before my eyes.

Case in point over the Labor Day weekend, I took my bike to the beach and went riding when I tell you, there was this incredible amount of in shape folks out there. I swear. I, I started feeling like, whoa brother.

You’re at the back of the line when it comes to being fit. And even though I’m no slouch in the exercise department, I actually started having a little bit of a pity party and feeling sorry for myself.

After some time went by and instead of watering that attitude, I had to ask myself, are you honestly maximizing your workouts

or have you been slacking off and not as committed lately? Truthfully? I, I have been coasting full disclosure, which has nothing to do with anyone else, that’s on me.

Over these last few days though I’m back, I’m, I’m back in the zone baby, but not to meet others expectations, the only person I’m trying to please is me. I wanna feel strong, remain healthy and, and look my best. And I also want others around me to pursue their passions and dreams with unwavering dedication. That was not always

the case. I remember over a decade ago, Byron Allen, President and CEO of Allen Media Group, which also owns TheGrio, informed me that he had made a deal to give Gloria Allred the most famous woman attorney, practicing law in the United States.

He made a deal to give her her own court show. Now at the time I knew Gloria, we worked together previously on the same radio station. I respected her and liked her a lot.

But truth be told, I, I wasn’t feeling sharing the spotlight with someone as big as she was and frankly still is. Prior to having my own show, America’s Court. My journey took several unexpected twists and turns. I had the least seniority and the worst ratings my first season. How in season two was I going to possibly be able to compete?

Byron Allen must have sensed my unease and discomfort about being paired with a new program. so he immediately educated me on how I was absolutely looking at the situation through the wrong lens. “Kevin, having Gloria Allred join us is not going to end your gig. If anything, it’s what will keep you behind on the air”. The, the language he used was much more colorful.

Anyway, he goes on to say “audiences want and watch court back to back you two won’t be competing, you’ll be complementing each other while also giving the company leverage to secure upgraded time slots”. What was my takeaway from that? Focus on you.

And that’s my message for anyone listening to the sound of my voice right now. What’s the assignment? Are you killing it or are you busy comparing yourself, your, your job, your significant other, your circumstance to others.

If you’re at the top of your game, what’s next? After all the social media likes and approvals, are you finally ready to stop resting on your laurels and either climb further or help someone else who needs you to get to where they wanna be. Only, you know the answer.

But I’ll tell you this 13 years after being schooled on where to focus my energies, America’s Court will be the longest running currently in production legal program airing this season.

And eight additional shows featuring many of your favorite judicial personalities I mentioned earlier will be all under the same Allen Media Group banner on broadcast TV, the cable network Justice Central, streaming and a few other platforms.

I’m happy, I’m ecstatic for each of my colleagues and wish them all the best because when everything is said and done, just remember the only worthy competitor is you, my friend. Got it. OK. Now let’s go.

I’m Kevin Ross and this is The Podcast powered by TheGrio. Follow me @IamBossRoss on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for listening. See you next time.