Chappelle Was Right: Prince Got Game

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Touré played one-on-one basketball with Prince at Paisley Park, which was glorious. The purple man had game. He shot, moved, and dribbled like a ballplayer. Eventually one on one morphed into two on two with Touré and Prince on the same team. One problem. This was during Prince’s symbol era when his name wasn’t Prince, it was an unpronounceable symbol. So what do you do when you pass the ball to Prince, and he doesn’t see it coming, and it’s heading right for his nose? You’re not supposed to say “Prince,” but you don’t want your two-on-two to end with him getting a bloody nose, but they told you absolutely, positively never call him Prince but you don’t know anything else to call him so you yell out… Prince! Chaos ensues.

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