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Episode 83

“Black people are a minority, even in the Democratic Party.” The great replacement theory and the caucasian critical race theory are just some of the topics discussed as Michael Harriot rolls out the nominees for “Big White Lie of the Year” as the 2022 Wypipo Awards continue. TheGrio Daily is an original podcast by theGrio Black Podcast Network. #BlackCultureAmplified


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Michael Harriot [00:00:05] Welcome back to theGrio Daily. Of course, we’re still honoring the best or the worst and whitest acts of 2022 with the Wypipo Awards. Let’s get back into it. The next category is the “Karen of the Year.” This is the female white people category that honors, you know, some of the greatest white woman, white white women who white women’d this year. Right. So our first nominee, of course, is Kyrsten Sinema. You know, she did a lot of good work as an Arizona Democrat for people who aren’t Democrats and people who aren’t from Arizona. She left the Democratic Party. She upheld the filibuster. She opposed student debt relief. She basically was one of two people, along with Joe Manchin, who just basically obstructed the Democratic majority that was supposed to control the Senate. She, like, single handedly like stopped police reform because we have gotten rid of the filibuster, you know, they probably go to pass police reform. But thank you Kyrsten Sinema. 

Michael Harriot [00:01:29] And thank you, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s not a Democrat. She’s a Republican. She’s like the Wicked Witch of White Supremacy. But she went all out this year. She platformed Qanon. She amplified election denial. She was like the queen of the MAGAS. And she did it all like, y’all know, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a little bit you know. I don’t mean that doesn’t mean crazy. That means like that’s a fan that blows the air from one side of her empty head to the other. And she probably would have won if she hadn’t embraced the Nation of Islam protests and racism in the criminal justice system when she, you know, try to defend the January 6th insurrectionists. 

Michael Harriot [00:02:21] Our next nominee is Ginni Thomas. Ginni Thomas. Is one of the chief insurrectionists in America. She’s married to a Supreme Court justice and her husband is, you know, one of the biggest supporters of whiteness in this country. And look, Ginni Thomas is dangerous. And she is racist, but she’s married to a Black man, so apparently she can’t be racist. So that’s why she didn’t win. The winner for Karne of the Year is White Women. I know it’s supposed to be a category for single white women, but for most of the year, white women weren’t even in the running for this category. They were fighting for reproductive rights. They were involved in a racial reckoning. They were, you know, Blacking out their Twitter profile pictures and wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts. And they joined the MeToo movement. And then the 2022 midterms happened and white women was like, Oh, yeah, just let’s do what we do. 53% of white women cast ballots for the party that opposes their reproductive rights, their safety and equality. White women did what white women do. And at 53%, it sounds kind of familiar. I don’t know where it came from. But anyway, you know, white women gonna white women. Not all white women, mind you, just the statistical majority of white women. 

Michael Harriot [00:04:06] Our next category is Big White Lie of the Year. Now this category is, you know, not about liars, it’s about the lies they tell. So here are the nominees for Big White Lie of the Year, the Great Replacement Theory. This insane conspiracy theory says like Black people and Hispanic people and like all the people who have melanin are going to team up with the Democratic Party and just get rid of all the white people. But they have no real logical sense that, first of all, like Black people are a minority, even in the Democratic Party. White people make up the majority of the Democratic Party. So apparently white people are going to wipe out white people and even though it doesn’t make any sense, as a lot of people believe this stuff. Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, the guy who shot up a grocery store in Buffalo. They all believe in the Great Replacement Theory. That’s not the only theory that was nominated for White Lie of the Year. Critical Race Theory also was nominated. Now, not the real critical race theory that was, you know, created by Derrick Bell and has been really used by Black scholars since W.E.B. Dubois looked at the law and history and economics through a racial lens. But, you know, white people recently discovered critical race theory, and then they kind of redefined it as anything that makes white people feel bad. And that’s why it’s nominated for Lie of the Year. But I just want to make sure that you understand that it is not the real critical race theory is the Caucasian critical race theory. 

Michael Harriot [00:06:06] The next nominee for Lie of the Year is widespread voter fraud. I mean this thing won’t die, right? The scammers was working for the state of Arizona couldn’t find it. Ron DeSantis created his own CSI voter fraud police force, and they can’t find it. Courts all across the country dismiss all of Donald, I think he filed like a hundred. I think there’s a report that says he either filed umpteen or 11 million or 5011. I think it was 5011 lawsuits claiming voter fraud in the 2020 election, and every single one was dismissed. The only person who claims to have evidence about widespread voter fraud is Lauren Boebert. But, you know, she dropped out of high school and, you know, her husband pulled out his penis in a bowling alley. So I don’t think that qualifies. Oh, there’s the Mypillow guy. But, you know, he smoked crack. 

Michael Harriot [00:07:16] The next nominee for Lie of the Year is Black Male Haters. Now, we talked about this on the early episode. Remember when they said Black men didn’t like Stacey Abrams or the Democratic Party and they were becoming Republicans? And then the election came and then, like Black men voted that how they always vote. Right. Statistically, Black men are the second most reliable progressive constituency in the history of this country. But for some reason, Killer Mike and Uncle Luke and everybody were saying, you know, “Black men are leaving because, you know, they won’t be nobody, nobody won’t pay attention to them.” That. Is the nominee for Lie of the Year. But the winner is The Agenda Against White Babies. I’m sure you heard all of the  agenda. In 2022, like everybody had an evil agenda and everybody would want to, you know, destroy white babies. The gays were trying to switched their sexuality. If you used a preferred pronouns and that means you was attacking, I don’t know, children’s genders. I don’t know. Third grade teachers were trying to ruin their self-esteem by teaching graduate level legal theory in social studies class. Ibram Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones were creating a generation of people who hate the Founding Fathers by teaching about anti-racism  and the 1619 project. I don’t know, i have no idea, Dr. Fauci, you know, he told them to wear masks and inject themselves with, like, a vaccine. So, apparently it has some 5G cell service in it. Planned Parenthood was killing babies. Biden manipulated the baby food formula supply in the country. Reparations activists were trying to make white kids pay for their for fathers sins. Like this was a bad year for the agenda against white babies. And that’s why The Agenda Against White Babies is th 2022 Lie of the Year. 

Michael Harriot [00:09:29] Hey, you know what? You know these episodes all that long. So we’ll be back on the next episode with more of the Wypipo Awards. If you like what you heard, please give us a five star review. Download theGrio app, subscribe to the show and share it with everyone you know. Please email all questions, suggestions and compliments to podcasts at 

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